Monday, May 4, 2009


I observed here abroad that parents are talking to thier childrens like as matured people.Things that are concerned in every aspects of knowing what is going on around.Explanations and applications of each things that in someways makes the children so interesting and more curios to ask if they saw in any places.These also makes children always in the presence of mind where ever they go.

As parent of three there are things that we need to hide or not to be discuss to them if it is sensitive examples that might lead them to regrets. I never let my three kids go anywhere without knowing of whom they with or ask the place where to go. Since I am a young girl I didn't heard my parents shouting each other or yelling any time , I can't even remember nor seen them fighting.Sometimes there is a proof of saying of "what the children seen to thier parents are always like to follow them".For example of these was when the parents fights in front of thier kids believe me or not the childrens are also have an attitudes of always fight  to thier friends and classmates. They become  defensive to themselves if they are far away from home.

Young generations are so curios of what they've seen outside that they are always applying to themselves without any permission involving thier parents.So..reminders of all things like bad and good for them are the duties and responsibilities of each parents everywhere.Those children of having a parents like a busy working people are somtimes neglected them.

In my situation I always and spending time discussing things on the telephone or internet online of all examples that should benifits for them .Like if I saw or knew a story that is good for them I'm always telling them no matter how much I will spend. How sure am I if my kids are following or doing it that I am here? My husband always said " agent 007---the spy who loves me. " I always have a lot of connections around to ask before I ask them. No way to lie on me, I am a great spy to them for thier good future. One time my husband together with my mother and three kids went to a wedding party I rang him  in the middle of nowhere. Minutes before they go I spoke to him and asked if there's any schedule but he deny it. So they was surprised when I call and said they are there.He just laugh at same time our son asked he never told he lied to me.


Dhemz May 5, 2009 at 1:11 AM  

very well said tVhing.....kahit nasa malayo ka...hawak mo pa rin leeg ng mga anak mo...hehhee...good parenting ika nga....:)

nako..hahhaha...007 ba naman...kakaloka...hehehe...kung sa computer yan te..gagamit sila ng antispyware...hehhehe...joke!

Anonymous,  May 5, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

oo nga ganyan cla dito pero bawal nman mamalo naku ako talaga napapalo ko c nicole. kaya nga dito kung kausap magulang eh parang kapatid nila at kung makasagot so far sa family ni hubby di cla ganyan