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This blog recieved three(3) tags from Cecile of Small and Simple Things , David Funk of Basic Bloganomics and from MAUS of Around Nature Spring . Thank you very much to the three of you my dearest friends , I'm so happy that I found you all here with real friendship in blog world .

There's no rule on this tag but I want to say something why I posted here. First I saw the image as a presentation of a family- two birds represents mommy and daddy, three pieces of flowers in one stem it looks like my three young teenagers to me and another three flowers  above means our future grand children, hehehehe...augggghh...aruy ko!! I was hit by someone at the back chair and said not ready yet to be a granny. 

To all on my friends list feel free to grab this award if you have time.Thanks.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today's young generation are very smart kids.They know everything that the parents need to  say to them or what to say for thier own good. They are answering smartly and sometimes I felt there's no respect at all. When we are young we just silent and paying attention to what our parents said.Yes are the only answers to all of what they told us and there's no reasoning at all.If my father told me  that I need to do it , I must do it by all means just to follow them.Now my kids are the reverse of all things when I was young.

Teenagers motivation has different stages or it defends upon the attitudes of every kids. There is one which is timid  , others are very smart and silent loner children. Different approach to motivate them is a very hard task to a mother like me in far places. I said everything that is good for them but I really not sure if they are doing it because I'm not with them at all times.So to think of those situations was too heavy on my head. With all my prayers and  by this time my kids is still doing great. I just thankful that my kids are not like some others that they usually  making twisted stories in front of thier parents but behind it they are not desame. 

My son was a gifted child with  a talent  of drawing  things around him.He graduated elementary with the award of what they  called as cartoonist of the year. He obtained the fifth place during the Mindoro Islands kids journalism contest in Calapan City two years ago. It happened that only the teachers guided them without each parents to go with them and my son suffer trauma after that events and got sick . Since then he don't want to go anymore or join any contest .He told me that he was afraid and that might happend again. It was his first time to go far from home.He used to complain the food, the bed where they sleep etc..etc. It is very hard to motivate a child from a traumatic momments he had.Each time I told him to practice or draw something or join school activities like this he almost cry of hearing it. He never join any contest since then. But now I'm talking to him that because he has that gift from God he needs to broaden it to be a successful someday. This morning I told him that here in abroad even the children are not gifted they are good in doing things thru special trainings.Parent are sending them to specialist to teach and form a habbit of what they are doing. But my son no one of us told him to do it . School teachers discovered it and motivate him but in a short period of time. He show today what he did last night. He draw my picture in frame hanging on his room . Maybe in few days they will send email of all his sketches he did  last few days ago.

Motivating him is always following of  telling him I'll sending you this and that things he needs.Or what he wants to asks. Too expensive but need to agree on him and there's no choice. So my motivations to my 3kids are worth a lot, I mean to spend things  they want and to inspire them what to do.Example stories is not enough for them its always showing them the truth because they are curious of all things they saw around. So ...for me MOTIVATIONS means SPENDING a lot of money.


Friday, April 24, 2009

kids&hubby greetings (24april2009)

*****hi ma,happy-happy b-day poh. From papa and yanorzah3kids.Welabu.Have a gudday****

*****that's from mindoro with love****

*****ma hapi-hapi bday pOh.I wnt to thnk u 4 takng cre of me wen i wz yOung and tl nw...YOur my inspiratiOn.I admired Ur persiverance in evrytng.Ur d greatest and best MOM!Enjoy ur special dy..Love u ma! I wish o more brthdays 2 cum,strenght and pOwer.****

**** this message was recieved at around 3 am here in my location...from my eldest (YAN-yan) daughter taking up summer classes in Manila.

****note: no editing 


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I got tag from MADZ of "The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol-My Life's Journey To Success".I choose to post it here to relates on my parenting episode of this blog.Thank you very much Madz and good luck to you.GOD BLISS!


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***Parenting Style***
1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child’s / children’s behavior?
*** I'm doing my best to be on minimal control but how could I know if it is that I'm here far away.

2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them?
***I don't expect it since I was here abroad. They obey what I'm saying as of this time and had school records shows that they are still making good.

3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules?
***It's a law and order.Make your own later.

4. Do you reprimand?
*** Exactly! to let them understand why they are punished!!

5. Do you use spanking for punishment?
***I did one time when they are small kids just to frightened and learned how it was.

6. Do you use some kind of a reward System for motivation?
***Always...story telling examples , surprise gifts are always on the way.
7. Do you enjoy being a Parent?
*** I enjoyed the challenging days and always be...

8. Are you a hands-on Parent or do you have a full-time Nanny?
***To my eldest I have nanny for four years because I'm working that time.Second and third was me until they are 6&5 years old ,respectively.After that I went abroad.

9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself?
***I always said that after they recieve thier college diploma they can do what they want but be sure for thier own good.

10.Do you and your Husband have the same Parenting Style?
***NO!NO!,hehehehe.He never shouts and he is the spoiler.


riZAH's email (21april2009)

This is the picture when my youngest daughter graduated elementary school.She achieved the third honor of all graduates, tied with her best friend Gyula.She was the youngest but the biggest among her classmates.She did not catched me online for few days as you know I'm busy in my work.So she send me email that just this morning I read it.Below is her story, funny how she made this long and scramble story.In my imagination she's not breathing anymore on writting this.And I'm sure the IZEA will not approve due to wrong grammar but all readers understand the contents of this story I'm sure of it..hehehe.Since I'm here my kids daily routine are school and go home that's no more.So going sometime outdoors are amazing for them.(Mangyan baga hehehe)

Last week we went to the beach together with our neighboor..... when get there i saw fishermen using ''lambat'' or nets in old fashioned ways and the other one is kind of unique,he was using small boats in the length of one and a half was pretty effective, in every turn he makes,he catches one fish but you really need patience,you have to earn more time..... i saw it interesting but i never tried to do it.... that was the time i thought of it as an interesting job.... some of them are using hands for catching big fishes and sell or put them in the fish ponds... My tita has a house near the fish ponds so my brother and i follow our tito rudy when his going to the pond,he feeds the baby fishes that they caught,I also tried feeding them and now those babies are full grown fishes so every time when we have extra time we spend our weekends at their house but right now my father is quite busy working in the farm... i remember when i was just a little girl, we used to swim there with my cousins.... my sister used to teach me how to swim but til now, i dont know how to swim...... Anyway....before, that beach im talking about is not very popular in our town,it has no cottages like other beaches have .....Well,my tito cleaned it up then put some little tables made of woods where people can take a rest when their tired..... after some time getting cleaned.... it turned out pretty cool... after that people are starting to come there more..... well for the fishermen,its still open for them to catch fishes..... and i really really think its awesome...... eventhough its not too beautiful like well-knowed beaches, its fun and great....

**boat lenght : 1 1/2 meters not in feet size
**tita - flor :my eldest sister
**tito - rudy :my brod in law


Saturday, April 18, 2009

PARENTING - part one

Today's high technology was very easy to all parents to help thier children even they are far away like me.I had a great day talked with my eldest daugther then I help her to research all her assigments.Summer classes in the Phils is now going on to let students less unit for thier regular semester subject.Some words that are not clear on voice call we write it. So here are some messages we exchanged...

yan: hi ma
vhingF: teka
yan: okay
vhingF: webcam
yan: ma henge aku pambli cp
yan: protecaterol Hcl,
yan: clenbuterol
yan: domperidone
yan: classification of medicine
yan: indications
yan: contraindications
yan: sideeffect
yan: adverse effect
yan: nursing responsibilties:give client education ,, 
vhingF: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 
Side Effects  
 Before you start taking clenbuterol.... You will need to know what to expect while taking Clenbuterol and the side effects that you may experience. It is worth noting at this point that some side effects of taking clenbuterol are simply due to the clenbuterol working. Because clenbuterol is so good at what it does, you will likely experience some of the following side effects:
Muscle Cramps 
Increased Blood Pressure 
Increased Energy 
Slight Shaking 
All of the side effects listed above are due to the tablets doing their job and it is completely normal to experience these side effects. If you find that the side effects are too much then drop your daily dosage by 20 mcg. For more dosage information please visit: Clenbuterol Dosage Informat
vhingF: Clenbuterol Dosage Guide: 
Woman: 40 - 80 mcg per day
Men: 60 - 160 mcg per day 

yan: ma out n ku
yan: nhanap ku n ung iba

vhingF: tapos na ba
vhingF: okey mag aral ng mabuti
yan: opo cge
vhingF: :-h

After she signed out - my email box BUZZ and you know what the message? It was from one of  the game site.Here is the upper part of the message:

Score to Beat: 620
Play 3 simple games and get your IQ Score

It also happened before that I questioned her that I saw them playing in the middle of the night (PI time) that she's playing in same time with my nephews and nieces.I called them all at the middle of the night to thier surprise because they all sleeping and they dont have computer in the house or in the boarding house.They are in different locations , even thier landladies I tried to talked.Everything was just a disturbances to both of us and results to nothing.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NAMES ARE NAMES! - part one

Where did we got names for our children?Most of you are preparing it during pregnancy,right?.Us was different-we never talked nor prepared about it ,here is the story on my YANORZA.

YAN-yan is the eldest that came from the chocolate stick in the supermarket.I used to worked  at the Robinson's Inc.,supermarket divisions in Boni Ave,Mandaluyong.I got a sensitive pregnacy for my first baby girl but I'm still trying to move or work and walk.My duty was always stationed on imported items for not so busy lanes for all cashier's.In front of me was a stock files of thousands of chocolate sticks from Japan that time.

Marianne was the real name that came from the name of the consultant of DR of QCGH last 1991.(delivery room-DR,Quezon City General Hospital-QCGH) .Mrs Vicky Carreon was the staff nurse supervisor and one reason why I was there.Unluckily she was on her vacation leave that time I delivered my eldest daughter that was after the Mt.Pinatubo eruptions then continous flooding of ash to the whole country and to the nearby lands .She was a distance relatives but same family name that closedly in touched to all of us.It was horrifying momments that we almost  lost our lives  both of us mother and daughter without knowing even my husband outside the door waiting. They don't let him "IN" because it is not time for visitors. My GOD! I'm deadly serious!.Before I rushed to the hospital all my nails are already blackend but I dont want to go.Some mothers having normal deliveries they told me "until you can carry the pain ,it is not the exact time to dilevers, so I did not go to the hospital ealier than that.I can still easily accepts the pains...hehehehe.My baby was oversized they said and I have a belly size of triplets that time. Since then I was deformed and not having back my sexy figure.SIGH.My baby first went  home because I was still in recovery room for unconsiousness status.After four days I recovered not totally good but I wanted to go home for my baby's side.Mrs Carreon did everything ( iba na talaga ang malakas) to checked me out for her first hour of duty from her vacation.Blames in some co-workers but it was already done.(pinas talaga..oo).


Monday, April 13, 2009

NOR-ZAH (Today's chat)

Today's conversations with my two kids was made me head ache.Sometimes I cannot control my emotions of not sweety pampy style talks with them.They are old enough to learned everything especially for themselves. My kids grown up without me since they are in grade one-Norman and Leezah.Ages 14 and 13 consecutively are like in thier adolescents period of becoming lazy,eating too much and spend time more on  bed sleeping.

All these things that I never experienced during my early years.My father have time tables according to our ages what to do in that certain hours.I grown up with hatred but learned when I become a mother of three and I owed everything from my  father's strict rules around and outside the house.

My kids grown up with the attitudes acquired from my husband of having like "one is enough,two is too much" .Gush!!!why he draw three kids,right? So if he ask the kids to do but they don't like it- he did everything without any words that I hated most.Without me there is very complicated by now to say or instruct things that I want to be like. As if they don't mind me saying in other line of the phone(voice calls).I felt hurt but I have nothing to do.

Last week schedule on getting online was without rizah- they told me she's still sleeping.My goodness it was already nearly lunch time(phils time) when they got online.Another thing that my youngest daughter attitudes was - breakfast was all set in the table prepared by her brother or sometimes with her father.I felt I'm breaking my head to hear that kind of  lazy young lady of mind. My husband don't want to tell story and nonsense as he said always.I'm afraid as by now to think of what and how when they are alone in far places like me here abroad. 


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Easter Sunday


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NORman and riZAH

Norman is the second child and the only boy, Rizah was the second daughter and youngest among my 3kids. This was the picture of my youngest daughter and my only son when I left them to work abroad.It was taken early morning in our bench outside the house.Sorry hubby don't want to join in this blogging so pictures of him will not appear here. NEVERMIND! hehehehe.My youngest was 5 years old that time and my son was six years old.They are in grade one that I almost protest the director of the school but it was already there. My youngest was crying to sit far from her brother and it was a very loud cry.So..first they said she will be "salinpusa" just an extra in the room. She was the youngest but the biggest of all grade one pupils.At end of school year ,I was already here, I asked if she wanted to be in grade two or back to grade one. She proudly answered "I have higher grade than "kuya"(brother) and to some other classmates.


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This template was courtesy of and design by Shaine of you very much my friend,(2darava-rava meod- kibok vie nishekot kasagk meod).Were both here in holy land but working in different city which is far from each other as so we didn't meet yet personally.Thru blogging we chat a lil' bit but not knowing the reality.Nevermind were both cross and flies from a distance land looking greener pasture in preparations of our future especially for me and my childrens.

Here are some of  her  blogs that you can visit anytime....CHIKAHANG PINOY, ANIMALS KINGDOM and COLOR YOUR PROFILE FREE FRIENDSTER LAYOUT. See you there..


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we are one



hello friends....

here is my new world on the web, hope you come always and enjoy viewing this  page as it is my pleasure to see you all here.Follow me then I follow you too, Comments me so I'll comments your blogs too...Hug me -  I'll  do tighter than You, Kissing me with respect is the best way you do but more than that is not the way I like to do.