Thursday, May 21, 2009


These are the words that I used to say to my husband in every long distance calls I did few years back.I told these phase also to my kids each time they told me something that it was a hardship of being far away from them. And now I always whispering these same phrase to boost myself in everyday challenge in my work here.Calling and talking to my love one's in far distance is the best way to lessen my stress and loneliness.During that time of exchanging words and stories I was so happy and contented but after that momments of closing or shot off the lines, I felt so lonely until such time I found myself crying.

For almost one week I didn't write or do something , I just want to rest my mind and prepared or concentrate to my work but still there's in my thoughts, weeww...I gave thanks to all my friends here in blogosphere and some outside that they know if I'm silent I'm bored but no one can help it even do I.

I have this attitudes of crazy, noisy ,naughty if I'm happy but in time like this I was so silent and you can see it automatically that I'm lonely.I don't want to let my kids or my family know about this because as what they knew me as a strong,brave woman and a great help if they are down and helpless. But for all you know I'm just a human, how strong I am still there is a time that I'm also down and need to cry.


Dhemz May 23, 2009 at 11:16 PM  

wow...I am very proud of you te...I know naman na malapit ka na rin mag retire...hehehe...hay can;t wait to do that...dami ko pa kainin na bugas...hahhaa..:)

buti ka pa kay daghan na imo napundar...:)

katherine May 24, 2009 at 8:36 AM  

Normal lang yan Vhing. Isipin mo na lang na para yan sa kinabukasan ng mga mahal mo sa buhay. Mag kakasama rin kayo balang araw at tuloy pa rin ang blogging kahit nasa pinas ka na para enjoy, right Vhing? So ingat ka lang lagi dyan. Sanay wala ng gulo dyan.

Hi! I'm Grace May 24, 2009 at 12:09 PM  

I understand, sis Vhing... malungkot nga... pero fulfilling naman. Naibigay mo sa pamilya mo ang magandang buhay... I would do the same, too.
Don't worry, I'm sure naman na nag-pray palagi mga kids mo para sa iyo... that will make you strong and safe. :)