Thursday, May 28, 2009

TOP TEN EC DROPERS (27april-27may09)

Sorry for the late published of this top ten EC droppers. Did you noticed that maybe there is a mistake in entrecard statistics here. I watched/checked this for four consecutive days and it shown changes in number of drops.Drops started at 27th but on 28th,29nth,30th and 31rst  drops still up and downs. I can't really understand these, I'm just wondering and hoping somebody could tell me this how it goes.

statistics may 30,2009

Biz Boink........ 27
Cacai's Step and Journey....... 25
Autumnal Confessions & SexyAdvice..... 24
Life M arriage and Kids.... 23
Tyson Chaney's Life 2000..... 21
Everything Has A Reason... 21
Simple Happy Life... 20
Welcome to My Diary.... 19
Bits and Pieces.... 17
Stalking Minds.... 16


statistics 29may09
Biz Boink 27
Cacai's Step and Journey 24
Autumnal Confessions & SexyAdvice 23
lifemarriageandkids 22
Tyson Chaney's Life 2000 21
Everything Has A Reason 20
Welcome to My Diary 19
simplehappylife 19
Bits and Pieces 16
World of Film 15

Above are my TOP TEN LOYAL EC DROPPERS from April 27,2009 to May 27, 2009. Well, repeating words of thanks was so annoying and so popular every end of the month but that's the way it should be. In this blog I will make different from my two blogs-survivor and otherside , it will not appear the logo on the sidebar.One reason that I need to delete the other two was "they misunderstood that it was an advertisement". paid ads here, it was just an appreciation to someone or to co-bloggers for thier constant visits but my survivor suffered for this gesture.No blames , I just want everybody know that this is not right way to do for your blogs outhere.I will put in the sidebar your blogs title for the whole month and will change for the next month as what will be the statistics tally. Maybe wearing uniforms is nice to see like mostly bloggers did.


Monday, May 25, 2009

3kids report cards

As if I woke up from a deep sleep after I checked all my emails.Again I'm so emotional and I almost not to believed that my 3kids can earned these grades.Yanyan is just alone in the city and only me sending text messages and words to study hard.I'm always telling her that we can,we can make her dreams come true even without the full assistance of my husband due to his health status and one reason that is why I'm here. I'm just expecting only for a passing grades that will satisfied me because I know it is impossible to be on top again. I'm giving them thousands of words everyday of what to do and they can answered me YES! also a thousand yes but I'm not sure if they're doing it. Here is the proof of all my efforts of encouraging them to have a good grades.I'm presenting these because it shows that parenting can make in many ways even they are far from each other or in a distance places and not a hindrance to fulfill the good future of the children.

On the otherhand I'm forcing NORman to learn how to drive our car at his young age of 14.He is now driving to visit the ricefield with his father on the side but not on the town proper.I know that was not allowed by the law but for emergency reasons he can drive his father of going to the hospital if my husband is not feeling well or what ever. And riZAH has nothing to do but to cry and yelling "mama please come home" maybe because she likes and seeing all the drama series that cause our one TV set burned.

It's YANyan's grades(above)
NORman and riZAH's report cards during thier second year in high school.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


These are the words that I used to say to my husband in every long distance calls I did few years back.I told these phase also to my kids each time they told me something that it was a hardship of being far away from them. And now I always whispering these same phrase to boost myself in everyday challenge in my work here.Calling and talking to my love one's in far distance is the best way to lessen my stress and loneliness.During that time of exchanging words and stories I was so happy and contented but after that momments of closing or shot off the lines, I felt so lonely until such time I found myself crying.

For almost one week I didn't write or do something , I just want to rest my mind and prepared or concentrate to my work but still there's in my thoughts, weeww...I gave thanks to all my friends here in blogosphere and some outside that they know if I'm silent I'm bored but no one can help it even do I.

I have this attitudes of crazy, noisy ,naughty if I'm happy but in time like this I was so silent and you can see it automatically that I'm lonely.I don't want to let my kids or my family know about this because as what they knew me as a strong,brave woman and a great help if they are down and helpless. But for all you know I'm just a human, how strong I am still there is a time that I'm also down and need to cry.


Monday, May 18, 2009

New header design by DEMZ

Hello every one!..did you noticed my new header or banner on top? Again , I'm thankful that Demz was always there and always be anytime I need something on my blogs and its FREE again like what she did in my SURVIVOR blog.First template and header was designed by Shaine of D Anjhels for free of charge also. I included one of thier blogs on my link bar but they still have more interesting blogs to read and follow. on "My Life's Perception and Inspiration" for DEMZ and "D Anjhels" for Shaine to open all thier blogs.Did you see that below the header all my blogs and each one of them written there?

To those not included now on my friendslist PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT ON COMMENT BOX (URL-most important) so that I can ADD you again .Sorry ...that in few days your out of the list . We all know that changing templates are usually missing some html that I can't remember anymore who are on the list before.To those who want to have exchange links please leave messages on comments box because sometimes I can not catch up messages on tag board especially if I'm busy on my work.



Friday, May 15, 2009

what is your own definition of RESPECT

No exact definition of word RESPECT , it applies thru emotions but not fear as what most people openly misunderstood. To honor and ESTEEM has the roles to  respect a person.  One with honor has the ability to admit when they are wrong and esteem is when someone is placed in high regard or a feeling of high pride.

According to Thesaurus:
Respect - is a behavior intended to please your parents
for example of these meaning are the following:
*****"their children were never very strong on obedience"
*****"she went to $&@ school out of respect for his mother's wishes"

We never heard of my eldest daughter of what she wants to be in the future . As a mother with a long and winding road of  experienced and grown up in poverty I must say I know what is right for her.She even complained to my husband during her first semester then hubby relayed it to me. A lot of suggestions, examples and motivations I did during her two years in college but last month she told me and appreciated of what I'm doing to push her in taking up that course and now she's enjoying.I'm just hoping and praying that she will finish it for her own good.

some said :
Respect is a duty of a child to its parents

****in this part "I DISAGREE" why? not all duties of a child to follow thy parents .I mean not all parents intensions are for the good of thier children , there are some parents using  thier children as a fronts .   So it is very hard to a child to follow and its confuses them, if they did it by force children will become rebelous behind the back of their parents.As a parent it is a matter  of understanding and observations of how to command their child to build a good relationship until the end process that they(children) themselves freely accept everything what their parents did.So...duty is need to observed without hatred by this time and more meaningful to a happy ending.

 or it is also a relation or reference to a particular thing or situation

particular things like the way you approach or a kind of gesture to  peoples are always the tools  if they will respect you or not, so ... it is always said"it depends upon the situation". But if you will be in the crazy world of nonsense if you heard these words" If you want me to respect you , first you must respect yourself". It means this is already a disrespectful  to any one and the upbringing of the child maybe in low level of family values.Childrens that are hanging out all the time are influenced by thier friends or sometimes we said by the invironment.For me those who do not want my respect or vice versa I'm avoiding them. We cannot please everyone but only few of them.So leave it to them that way of what they wanted to be.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday's motherly greetings was flooded in bloggers world and on cellular phones to a far distance mother friends.Both I recieved are emotionals-why?- those friends that are no communications in long period of times send and remembered me.I have most and surprising messages that until now it is on my mind thinking that my daughter was finished her adolescents path of  life. She is matured enough to what she send to me ,unbelievable!.

Last year when I went home to attend my father's funeral, one of my cousin's during mourning whispher me that it is impossible that my eldest daughter don't have boyfriend.He even heard in cousin's groups(grandchildrens of my father)saying"Oh YANyan where is your bf? today is like knowing each other".I never heard that but when we already at home I asked my daughter if it is true or not. But deny to death from her mouth.Since then that I went back to work in Israel I never forget every weekend to get online and have a short message on her. Still she remains silent and I always giving her some inspirational stories like one "if you have good scholastic records ,you can land the best jobs and you choose what companies you want". At the last messages I'm sending something like this "if you have a good job you can have the good boyfriend too-choices will be in you".Then " I want blue eyes grand childrens" this words that my hubby hates me, hahahaha.

After motherly greetings she send me yesterday, there was words of "thank you MA for everything and don't worry I don't have BF anymore,we parted our ways.We didn't meet and talk after our high school graduation.Everything was just on the txt messages and on friendster. So ..I'm still intact to focus on my studies,hugs&kisses".I was on the public vehicle bound to city of Natanya to where the nearest city I'm working on that momment reading her messages.I can't control my emotions and I cried loudly, so.... some passengers asked the driver to stopped for a while and to look what's going on inside why his passengers are noisy. In few minutes I told them sorry because today is "mother's day" that I never felt they are celebrating this day either .


Friday, May 8, 2009

Sibling's Fight

 Blood is thicker than water - these are the  words that my parents told me always when I was a young child.We always fights with my brothers and sisters every after meals who will wash dishes.I grown up that everything was done manually , I mean by hands, so households chores are  assigned to us children right after we woke up.That was a command from my father and we are thankful for it that we grew up with all works are known especially inside the house.But outside the house or far away from home we never fights.We go anywhere  buddy -buddy, as if partner-girl&boy until we bacome mature it becomes our habbit too.

Below is the email of my youngest daugther, funny as if she's writting as blogger.I did not omit nor erase or add any words there.Last Monday while my husband got online and we discussed about the eldest in the city, riZAH wrote this.....

(riZAH's email)

Me and my brother oftently fight with each other, like this one-i don't know when this happened- i combine some of this happenings....

Every morning i wake up so late, sometimes im not in a good mood,then my brother(norman) is always bugging me that mostly gets me angry...He shouts on my face,playing tricks on me,and the thing i hate so much-he punches me,he makes my day the worst... so that makes me think- his r--e,mean and ---l!

 Another thing is when we're watching tv(at our sala's tv-before)it was a good movie then he-not so surprisingly-walks in front of me blocking the view of the tv,when i say ''move'', he throws his pillow on me right into my i slap him then punch back on me.... every time that happens i call him "@$&*%" and mostly"gay"(which is not true) i call him that because he fight with girls(which is me)then our father scolds us but not too much because were fighting in nonsense things which also my mother says.... so after a while of quiet minutes we usually returns in the normal way.... then it happens again and again... whew.. its tiring but he never stops...... then i realize something that there's always a siblings fight but family relationship always make it right..... til now he does it always... I may say his an  @$&*% but still he my brother... a lesson i will not forget....


Thursday, May 7, 2009


Far away from home is not a hindrance of a good parenting process.I'm giving all these credits to high technology-the digital world they said that  gave us all the ways to be with our family and love one's anytime of the days.

Last three days my husband got online and we discussed about our eldest daugther in Manila - she's alone there.She wants to transfer this coming semester in another boarding house.She wants more and bigger rooms as she always said if the internships will going on and she wants privacy.Ahh...yes a bit crowded by now where she is staying.

Another was the upcoming "capping" day,I want to find the professional or in line of this business to take videos during that day.But before thier duties in hospital begins they need to be interview-I dont know what interview and she needs to buy a set of formal clothes to use.hihihihi funny it's mother like daughter that don't have or not wearing formal skirts or dresses.She asked her father but my husband also don't know it.He is a kind of man that didn't  bought me these kind of stuffs.hahahaha.We are wearing both kinds of outfit.So he needs my decissions what ever goes...Parenting is in need of both husband and wives suggestions then ask the childrens also if they will like it too.So...late in the evening I monitored she got online because she still have some research works.I just leave messages that if still have time after that research I need to talk too.And that's it...she finally decides what to buy- a set of pants and polo blouse then flat shoes.She don't like wearing shoes with high heels and also me hihihihi because she always saying that she is and I saw it in all of her pictures , the kind of tall compared to her classmates.

About all pictures I'm putting- she dislikes it but I told her that she needs to be careful and behave always.Why? If all my friends in blogosphere see her anywhere they will tell me, so..that's mean point here. This is not a treat to her or any thing that she could have a lack of confidence to herself but this the right thing to do for her future and just think that I'm  just doing  anything for her own good. A lot of explanations and inspirational stories to tell or people I meet why they are successful in life.The salaries is best tools to inspire her if she will make good grades in her studies. So far.. so good.....


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here are some sketches made by my son where ever they go or after he played his PS.My husband never disturbed him if he is very silent in his room that means he is making some of this sketches.As I said he started making drawings when he was in grade three if I'm not mistaken that the elementary teachers noticed him doing on the blackboard during thier recess(breaktime).He showed me all of these last week but it appears very light after scanning.So he re-touch it again ,he did at least two or three sketches everyday.He used an ordinary pencil and ballpen , the truth is we cannot afford to buy those materials for professional artist.These are the latest he made.
Maybe this is on his play station he usually played on.He likes very much mostly in cartoons that he got the winning prize two years ago in the contest of the whole islands- junior caregory.
He was standing,I'm sure I can imagine here,at the backyard of my parents house looking down the ricefield and up high the mountains which my father owned.They always visited there even now my father was gone.He is my father's best grandson.
Yes they went last two weeks maybe , at the fishpond near the sea of on my sister's place.There was a bamboo house and if you look at the sea you view this small islets in nearby.He did not include on the rightside was a small village below the hills and seashore.
The nieghbor of my mother was best in this string and stone (tirador)used to hit birds and wild animals. He always want to go with them but I did not allowed him to go.
His favorite cartoon character and there's a lot more soon.


Monday, May 4, 2009


I observed here abroad that parents are talking to thier childrens like as matured people.Things that are concerned in every aspects of knowing what is going on around.Explanations and applications of each things that in someways makes the children so interesting and more curios to ask if they saw in any places.These also makes children always in the presence of mind where ever they go.

As parent of three there are things that we need to hide or not to be discuss to them if it is sensitive examples that might lead them to regrets. I never let my three kids go anywhere without knowing of whom they with or ask the place where to go. Since I am a young girl I didn't heard my parents shouting each other or yelling any time , I can't even remember nor seen them fighting.Sometimes there is a proof of saying of "what the children seen to thier parents are always like to follow them".For example of these was when the parents fights in front of thier kids believe me or not the childrens are also have an attitudes of always fight  to thier friends and classmates. They become  defensive to themselves if they are far away from home.

Young generations are so curios of what they've seen outside that they are always applying to themselves without any permission involving thier parents.So..reminders of all things like bad and good for them are the duties and responsibilities of each parents everywhere.Those children of having a parents like a busy working people are somtimes neglected them.

In my situation I always and spending time discussing things on the telephone or internet online of all examples that should benifits for them .Like if I saw or knew a story that is good for them I'm always telling them no matter how much I will spend. How sure am I if my kids are following or doing it that I am here? My husband always said " agent 007---the spy who loves me. " I always have a lot of connections around to ask before I ask them. No way to lie on me, I am a great spy to them for thier good future. One time my husband together with my mother and three kids went to a wedding party I rang him  in the middle of nowhere. Minutes before they go I spoke to him and asked if there's any schedule but he deny it. So they was surprised when I call and said they are there.He just laugh at same time our son asked he never told he lied to me.