Saturday, October 3, 2009

YanYan's latest activities

Here are some pictures of Yanyan's latest activities in school, just few because sometimes they are not allowed to take pictures in other hospital where they assigned.Who among them is the tallest on pictures below with oval face and always wearing flat shoes, lol.

This is in school with her classmates friends.

Here was shown their service van during thier duty in Bulacan. They have four days duty in rural areas and these van was all the time and where ever they go serving them . It was included in some payments plus foods and lodging , it does'nt matter for me how much it costs , the most important thing is her safety.
This picture was taken during her capping day at Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon Ave. Q.C.,Phils.I'm glad that hubby was in good condition and has attended that day.


Friday, September 25, 2009

mangyan's farm on facebook

Due to some stress and homesickness, I made this on facebook  farm town in just less than a week while I'm doing all my daily task here on my work . I registered my account there long ago but I'm not hanging on there all the time . I thought of these last week that I'm wondering as if  my mind was stuck  that I can not write any stories here on all my blogs. I write a lot of my daily life but just ended to draft on my dashboard. I don't understand what it was all about I'm writing for all my blog stories.So ..I started looking for a mind games but still did not work out until I tried to open .

It was fun and I relieved as of now . There are a lots of geeks and crazy encounters true messages to some members. Like, I recieved a message from long time friend on friendster that I need to pass it on to some members. Surprisingly there are replies for appreciation but there was one thorn as it said " go away, trouble maker". Oh! my goodness! I thought I could help that might be true so that each members must be aware of it.

Another thing was in the market place  looking for work. That was the funniest I did lately. First was there is no shouts I've ever  read in any of my languages but lately there is few , they are hiding I'm sure. And today  there was a lots answering me , hahaha , there was one said that my name was so obvious to be a Filipino. So what I answered , I"ll be shouting to the whole world that I am and originally from the home of one ethnic groups in Mindoro island in The Republic of the Philippines.I'm proud of my color and my flat nose face, hehehe. Thanks be to GOD I'm popular of it.

So just click the image to redirect to the "mangyan's farm  on facebook ".To some readers of this blog that did know yet (to those have an account in facebook ) of the message I'm talking,  please leave comments so that I can answer you there. Who knows..... or maybe that might be true that they will delete all non active members.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fried "F-E-T" for lunch

Fried F-E-T : Fish-Eggplant-Tomatoes is what I've cooked today for my lunch with fresh salad veggies from the village kitchen.These are the favorite lunch of my three young teenagers. During vacation days they are the one who cooked all of those foods, that's why we have three kitchens around our house, lol.Mostly used was the dirty kitchen outside because hubby's food are always prepared special . Should be free from oily foods, so "inihaw"(anyhow) is need to prepare and always present on the dinning table.

Tips for frying fish: FRY FISH TOGETHER WITH GARLIC to avoid undesirable smells around the house.You can eat the fried garlic too.After frying fish the frying pan should be washed immediately but TAKE NOTE first put liquid soap while hot before adding water so that the smelly is from the liquid soap and not from the burnt smelly fish.
beets salad was cooked and chopped to small cubes added with sweet and sour (vinegar & liquid sugar)plus pinch of iodize salt. Shredded cabbage fresh salad should be deep washed from boiling water, dry and separate to another salad bowl then add some medicinal herbs or mints leaves , mixed it with a spoonful of olive oil and vinegar or squeeze with fresh lemon extract.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


ORIENTAL MINDORO,PHILIPPINES is also called as "Paradise Island". It is divided into two districts that consists of eight(8) towns in the first district and seven (7) towns in second district including my hometown where I was grown up and living. Within this 15 towns and their respective barangays your in paradise visiting our island. Here are the beauties of nature you can achieve in coming to this island paradise:

1. The PUERTO GALERA has white sands and beaches for scuba diving and snorkeling spots. This was listed to the "club of most beautiful bays of the world" . Added to this tourist spot was the Sabang Beach which is the most widely known of having a wide areas covered with white sands in the whole island of Oriental Mindoro.We have also in Mansalay which called "buktot" but it was just had a partial of white sands.
2. The MT. HALCON is called as "high above the clouds" (lagpas-ulap) of most Philippine mountaineers and other mountain visitors.Generally speaking of its one of a kind as the hardest and most difficult peak ever the mountaineers climb. It is on the fourth rank of highest mountains in the Philippine record. Measured of about 2,586 meters above sea levels.

3. The NAUJAN LAKE is the 5th Philippine largest lake, it has an estimated area of 8,125 hectares with the natural fresh water stored from rains and natural reservoirs.Maximum depth was 45 meters, maximum length is fourteen(14) kilometers and it has maximum width of seven(7) kilometers. Locating the map of its boundaries of this lake was so different from other lakes locations of the world. Four towns should ends its partitions but since the lake was on each ends they divided the lakes water areas to owned by four towns . On the north was owned by the town of Naujan's and its property, Victoria owned the western parts, Southern portions was for Socorro and the eastern portion was the property of Pola.
4. The MANGYANS are the indigenous citizen living in most mountains of Oriental Mindoro. In all towns you've seen on the map has this native people from different tribes and has different languages too.They have their own way of writings and each alphabets. They used to write on the leaves of the trees and even in the barks.They classifies as a.) Alangan b.)Bangon c.) Tau-Buid d.) Buhid - this is what we had in our hometown but I meet most kinds of this native people e.) Hanunoo f.)Iraya g.) Ratagnon and h.) Tadyawan .

5. In ROXAS you can find the "San Rafael Cave" in nearby boundaries between town of Bongabon. It is 20 minutes ride from town proper to the starting point where to walk up hills in reaching the caves entrance.You are welcome by the battalion of cave bats singing and flying inside the cave.We have also here the seaport (Dangay Port) to which ferry boats come and go for Visayan region trips day and night which is just less than a kilometer ride from the town proper. If you want visit BORACAY by land you can pass through the main highways of Oriental Mindoro (an exciting trips by land ever) then take a ferry boat rides from "Danggay Port" to Katiklan the main land of Boracay .
6. BULALACAO is the last town of Oriental Mindoro that has so many tiny and untouched islets . I heard there are thirteen (13) islets as some residents and fisherman said it. The most popular of these islets is "BUYAYAO" or San Roque as per municipality registration. I don't have camera yet that time I went in one islet, in other words I can not afford to have one even . Hope my next vacation I can go back there just take pictures that I have digi cam now , lol. Buyayao is humored as the richest islet I've heard when I was young girl because the golden boat during the world war 2 was sunk in that islet. Maybe it was true because it was developed during Marcos es and guarded with those stricken armed men that even fisherman has boundaries where to pass the sea water.It was said the boat was loaded of pure bar golds and other antiques of Spanish Authorities during the war. More on the next episode..........


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TOP 10 EC DROPPERS(Aug. '09)

I would like to thanks all ec droppers for the month of August 2009 and here are the lists of top 10 ec droppers.Apologies is always the word of late posting but I want to let you know that due to some weights and work loads here in my work I almost can't blog for such previous week.It was a heavy and heavy days for my old woman to move from her home to another house because the family did renovations of shower and comfort room which is the right thing for the good of their elderly and at same time for the worker.

Happy weekend every one.

Mom's Place 28
Go For Success Blogging Community 27
Bits and Pieces 27
Vegetable Garden 26
Animal Kingdom 24
RJV World 23
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Metallman's Reverie 21
Parent Times 21
Cacai's Steps and Journey 21


Monday, August 31, 2009

Think Positive

Always think positive are the three words that I usually told to my three young teenagers every time we got online and talked.An additional inspiring stories of a well known personalities world wide that I'm giving them as an examples based on some quotations that they need to know.

Rizah is just thirteen years old but she has so many things that differ from children's of same ages. She is the tallest among her classmates that sometimes she felt insulted in school. Paranormal words are always heard from her classmates.These are the things I worried that I saw her on webcam as if her inferiority complex had grown more.Additional thoughts she had was having a white patches , a dying skin pigments called vitiligo on her legs and on the upper portion or above the knees.We did some medical therapies like applying steroid creams , it helps but not totally returned to natural color of the skin.

In genetics it was hereditary but I asked the history of our both families , me and my husband , no one remembered that one relatives has this skin disease.As we all know that until now this kind of skin disease was still unknown to which experts and researchers cannot give any functions what will be the medicine to cure and to where its origin came from.There is one speculations that maybe the sufferer was luck of vitamin B12 or she has an anemia related illnesses.There is advises to avoid on exposing to sunlight or should apply or use sunscreen cream if they are outdoors.At the end of long research I came across to an end of just using cosmetics to cover the patches.

In psychological studies it affects the mental health of a person suffering vitiligo. As a mother I am so worried to my daughter because she is very conscious that might someone knew she has this skin disorder. She always asking me to buy medicines here abroad to cure her vitiligo. I'm saying always think positive but in time like this I myself losing the momentum to think positive that lead to my feelings of home sicknesses.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Increase Your Link Tag

Shaine of D Anjhels gave me this tag. Thank you so much! This tag is called "Increase Your Link Tag" and I'm hoping that this will help to increase links too. So... this is the main reason of tagging is to increase the numbers of your linkers.

And here are the rules for this tag:
1. Try to make a post just like this one and mention this process.
2. From the list of blog sites below remove the number 1 and move the rest in the list 1 step higher (i. e number 2 becomes number 1, and so on). Add your blog name in the 5th position. Don't forget to copy the links. (Here's my list-my site added in the end)

1. Simple Happy Life
2. Basic Bloganomics
3. Chuchieshideaway
4. D anjhels scraps of life

3. List at most five of your friends blogsite here with link and inform them of this post and ask them to do the same. Here's my list:
1. Grace of "We live to tell God's Amazing Grace"
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3. Tsang of "Worth's Road"
4. Dhemz of "The Dias Family Spot"
5. G.O.D of "My Lil Munchin"


Kitchen Stuffs to send Home

I have 3 pieces of small kitchen stuffs that I need to send home soon. I got this as an early gift for Ros'ha'shana (Jewish new year) from the third son of my employer. I'm very very happy to have these stuffs even the bread prices in my country has a high costs.These are all using electricity which is a big weight to our budget also and slashing our pocket too.

kumkum- just a minute to boil water for coffee . Sometimes I used the hot boiled water in cooking rice so that it will not takes long time to cook rice. One time when the boiler in the bathroom was not fixed I boiled water here then mixed to cold running water to a pale or basin that we used for taking a bath. It was once that accidentally don't have power.

Slice bread toaster-it was funny sometimes that I inserted two pieces of slice bread then I forgot because I start cleaning the floor. I found it in the floor already , surely it jumped because I switched it to automatic if it is toasted.

bread sandwich toaster-one morning I put two sandwiches with a 3% cheese inserted to it but I went to comfort room just to urinate when I came back and checked it was already over toasted and burnt. eekkzzzzz...I did another pair


Monday, August 24, 2009

1 mo. ad space & 3,500 EC Credits

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I'm happy to let you know that this blog has 3,500 EC credits contributions to complete the one million EC FREE traffic contest.Plus a 1 month ad space of your EC logo to be display on the right sidebar or at any sides as you wish if you are the lucky winner of the said prizes. I wish I could win at least one domain. lol. So that I can have my own domain for this blog.I'm just wishing upon the star to become true.

About this contest is something different and more exciting because this is the biggest blog contest I've ever joined.The double participation of contestant by publishing this article and a proud sponsor,hehe.I just have feeling of proudness because this blog has little traffic and visitors so it haven't yet a lot of ec credits earned.Hoping I will win some to add for my ec credits to adverts to other blogs.

For more information and details go to Cornymans Money-Blog



Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Happy birthday friend!
All I can say is "wish you to be happy everyday of your lives" .Words are not enough but silent prayers will grants what ever I could wish you and that was the best I did for you and your family.

I want to say personally to Greg , your loving and responsible husband to "thanks him to make you happy everyday" . God bless to all of you and be together until 120 years of your age.


Monday, August 17, 2009

School Activities

Yanyan updates me of her activities on hospital training in Bulacan area.She is complaining of the head nurse assigned to them that they are left alone and not assisting them to the way it should be. So...I comforted her saying that much better to do things on her own way to learn and discover things of what she is doing during daily routine of duty in hospital.As of today the groups of nursing students are back in Manila to make their reports and back to school for their regular classes.A little bit hard for Yanyan that most her vacant hours is to stay on the Internet shop doing research work .Sometimes she went to a laundry nearby for her uniforms to wash and ironing it.I felt guilty of not helping or doing things for her during the busy days in school.

Rizah will have a science fair contest this coming week. Hope she could make it because her batch status went down to 23 rank , I think . Sad but I can't help her and hubby has too many things to do and always not feeling well due to his unconditional illness. Wheeww.,.. I'm hoping and praying to our Almighty God that I can be more stronger for all the challenges given to me.

Norman has usual routine playing basketball, play station maniacs and gamers every time without classes in school.So ...this all the latest from our home and for my three young teenagers life without me with them every day of their lives.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Better Half Tag

Thanks to iTRAVEL authored by Klivengood for this tag again.I'm talking here about my three teenagers (they,he), if it is "they" means the three of them and if it is "he" that is for Norman .

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
****WOWOWEEE...+Wrestling + PBA
2. You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does they get on his salad?
3. What's one food they doesn’t like?
**** Olives (the three of them)
4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does they order?
****soft drinks...
5. What shirt size does he have?
**** Medium
6. What shoe size does they have?
7. What is their favorite type of sandwich?
****any kind but with cheese
8. What would they eat everyday if they could?
**** any pinoy foods
9. What is his favorite cereal?
**** They don't like it (namulat kc sa saba na saging)
10. What would they never wear?
****Two piece
11. What is his favorite sports team?
12. Who did he vote for?
**** du na nuh
13. Who is his best friend?
**** their papa
14. What is something he does, but you wish he wouldn't do?
**** stop playing PS all the time
15. What is his heritage?
****visaya jud eh
16. You bake him a cake, what kind of cake?
****chocolate cake
17. Did he play sports in high school?
**** they are all players in school
18. What could he spend hours doing?
****PS (playing station) tv viewing
19. What is the unique talent that he has?
**** drawing cartoons (curator)/girls ay mag inarte lng
20. What's his type of coffee?
****always chocolates


Monday, August 10, 2009

"TURON" made of BANANA

Looked what kind of banana I cooked- Cavendish banana! Half ripe Cavendish bananas cut into half sizes then slice into two pieces of each halves, sprinkled with brown or white refined sugar and wrapped it with egg roll wrapper then fry in small amount of regular cooking oil. It is called "turon" in my country that my three young teenagers love to eat.I missed them both because that turon I cooked is not same taste I imagined when I was home.

Our Banana in the Philippines has different varieties that we can cook in different menu's too.But here abroad has only one kind and they called it same name as anywhere we heard or "Cavendish Banana" that I saw and bought in the market.Unlike in my country Philippines we have "saba\" , "la tondan", "matabya", "pakil", "bungoran", "uri-od", etc.These bananas are another source of income and foods instead of rice as the main meals. We can cooked "saba" as like vegetables, turon like image above I cooked few minutes ago, banana crackers, etc. While the rest of varieties can be eat as raw foods.I missed them all, wahhhhh.....tears,cry, sigh..I feel homesick again. That is why I cooked what my kids really want during afternoon snacks.But now I'm alone here I eat 'em all to have one reason why I'm gaining weight.


Friday, August 7, 2009

ang RAMBUTAN bow!

(paki translate nga exactly mga kababayan ko - sa english ha?, please) "If you plant a seed you have to harvest soon" (di ko sure yan) is not just the saying but it was all true. The image is a rambutan fruit that I planted before I went abroad.Last month hubby sent me pictures of all trees bearing fruit in our backyard .In my location now they don't have this kind of fruit nor I seen it here or heard, so I just imagine the taste how it was during the season when I was home.

Rambutan has a hairy or leathery fruit skin with the sweet taste if it is ripe and ready to eat. Green color (on image) fruit skin outside if it is not yet ripe and yellow or ruby red if it is already ripe.The inside portion of that fruit was look like white gilatin (jelly) transparently wrapped around the seeds. If measured the amount we eat is smaller than the size of each seed.This fruit is popularity growing in South East Asia and to any tropical zone countries , it could be in rain forest area , in the backyard that become a scenery plant when bearing fruits and in low land areas that don't have constant water .It has different varities also, some are light red color and bloody red color too , there is yellow combination red color and light yellow color fruit.

I am happy even though I did not eat some during the season when hubby told that the first bearing fruit is for the kids to eat. It was a fruit festival for my three young teenagers.Norman and Rizah eat a lot compared to Yanyan because she is in Manila.Hubby has just sent her 5 kilos of lanzones and box of rambutan . Every morning Angkie(my adopted blue baby - now is okey, healed miraculously) is the first one picking up before they eat their and trunks that full of fruits are already touches the grassy ground.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


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Friday, July 31, 2009


CONDOLENCES TO ALL FILIPINOS WORLDWIDE of losing a mother of the NEW PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC. EDSA REVOLUTION 1986 was hosted by HON. CORAZON C. AQUINO at the time when the peoples power bind and joined hands together to bring out the present democracy we are enjoying now.Lucky as I always said to my three young teenagers that I am one among millions of peoples joined the EDSA revolutions.

I was there in that February 25-26, 1986.YES! I WAS THERE! I was in my last semester in MLQU ,university just nearby Malacanang Palace of February 22 when most of my batch mate invited me to joined them to walked but I refused.I don't have any idea that time what was going on outside. I'm busy to my work during day time and schooling at early night time.Hundreds of college students that are all men and we are few women inside the room.Sometimes I'm the only woman in one classroom and all was from a groups of doing boycotts . I'm afraid joining the packed of boycotter but I'm always around in few distance.February 23 when I decided to walk through my work in Cubao area but I was surprised when I'm standing at Munoz Market waiting for a bus ride. No passenger vehicles, all private cars announcing "Let us joined hands , Come with us for FREE ride to Ortigas!" I'm still decided to report for my work .But on my mind I need to go in nearby where are those points I've seen on tv news. I'm so curios and my work was just a walking distance from the back of Camp Aguinaldo fronting Camp Crame.So.. I choose cars packed with young's and women's.Take note I'm alone went there most of my neighbors was afraid they just watched on tv news. Cubao area was already crowded when we arrived so we walked up to Ortigas. Along the way peoples in different groups cheering, singing, dancing, sharing food and giving water to all peoples around and the most wonderful scene was when I ask one groups.THEY DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER and THEY ARE ENJOYING! They didn't bother to asked one another where came from so I stayed with them also.

My brother and my husband , they are very best friends, after their drinking spree at late night start looking where I am. They already worried but there is no way to locate for finding me. All streets around the area and all peoples are outside their respective houses.The next morning they went to Sto. Domingo church by foot in a shortcut way from Frisco, Quezon City.The Pantranco up to Roces Avenue cor Quezon Blvd are also crowded with armoured tanks and military men , nuns and priests.A long and long, long story to be told.....and the last I could say is.......



Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I want to thanks TSANG the author of ***Blog Fusion** and also to CHIE of ***Three Chie's Trends*** blog for giving me this Kreativ blogger award. I really appreciate this because until now I'm trying to create but time limits me to do it. Maybe later on if my three young teenagers will continue this blog and I'm sure they will.

To accept this award do the following:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
***1.Yanyan is now 18 years old 2. Norman is 14 years old 3. Rizah is 13 years old 4.Yanyan was born in QCGH,Phils 5. Norman and Rizah was born in my parents house with the midwife assisted by the traditional midwife (hilot) 6.Yanyan a college student , Norman and Rizah both in third year high school at same section 7. Scrapping image above was made by friend Jhing2x***
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
1.DEMZ-the dias spot 2. Jacky - my life story 3. Shaine-D anjhel's scrap's of life 4. Kizuna-ties and bonding 5. Lulu- bitz and pieces 6. hopeful - walk with me 7. BIE - BieazBlog and all names of bloggers that on my lists of this blog...please grab it coz we all creative , so we all deserved this award.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YANyan's 18th Birthday

We wish you good health always, may you have more and more birthdays to come.As you wish to fulfill your dreams of what you want to be is all upon you. Take Care coz we all really cares for you.

Here is the personality traits of people born under the month of July 22 up to August 22 and their zodiac sign is LEO.
Leo people are among the Kings of the zodiac horoscope. Leo are generous, unselfish, warmth, creative, loyal and loving. However, They can be egoistic, they think highly of themselves. Leo are impulsive and unreserved. Similar to the King of beasts, Leo like to be in command and they make good leaders. They are intellectually smart and can be philosophical, even religious. Leo are also highly disciplined and will seldom allow any personality traits to get out of control.

Leo make warm heart and trusting partners, but can be extremely disappointed, hurt and let down if this trust is abused.

Leo like to be dominant and have powerful egos. They can be annoyed if they’re not the center of attention. Leo need to remember that less is more and they can attract as much attention if they know how to relax and stop trying so hard to get it. It is that pride characteristic of Leo again.

Some famous person born on July 29 and under LEO:
July 29 - Clara Bow - Actress
July 29 - Robert Horton - Actor
July 29 - Marilyn Quayle - V.P. Wife
July 29 - Peter Jennings - Newscaster
Aug 17 - Robert Dinero -Actor
Aug 05 - Neil Armstrong-Astraunot


Monday, July 27, 2009

Are you a good driver??

"I'm driving for almost 30 years up to now, I'm the great driver!". huh!!?? Who said that or maybe you have heard it in your place where you are now? Regardless of long time driving or let us say good driving but how if you forget anything once in a while? Ooppss....don't tell me "NOT!", please be reminded that all of us are all not perfect.Never mind on me I'm working with Alzheimer's that was not knew to us workers and it was a great fun if we are together.

Now let us go to the image. Did you see the front bumper what happened? Just a little or not yet folded.I felt black out when I saw this picture and said OMG!!NO!NO!.then THANKS TO GOD! Norman is not there when that time happened while cleaning the windshield.My husband and the great PAPA of my three young teenagers did it!.Imagine ...I love him because he is a good and great driver! but he forgot the HAND BRAKE to put on after parking their service at the garage.

Here is now the defensive was Sunday a very busy day and full of activities assigned to my husband. They went to my father's grave to clean and pray. Then they went to the beach and in the fish pond , it was 5 kilometers drive from each point. After that plus 15 kilometers drive to my mother place, NORman and riZAH's Sunday or Saturday visit. Next to my mother in law just one kilometer away from my mother's house. And then they went home late night already, a very tiring day for my beloved husband.So...he forgot the hand brake even the tire stopper he didn't put on also.

Next day is Monday and it was schooldays this time. Yaya Gemma prepared everything early morning and the three of them papa,riZAH, NORman woke up late already. What else to do hurry!!.. hurry up!!.. right? Hubby went to the garage just beside our house yelling "faster or else I will leave you both here, I will go to the rice field!!" (rice field was 20 kilometers distance from the house). Then he got started to insert the key and ignite---BOM! KRAK! little shaky wall felt by the five people inside the house . They run out to find what happened, they found my husband shocked sitting and holding his head.Then the garage wall on its 15 degrees slanting behind the original wall position.It was a lucky day they said because Norman usually cleaning the windshield before hopping in the car and that was the exact time happened.

Did you get the lessons here? DON'T FORGET OR ELSE IT IS A BIG REGRETS!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Are you the deciding power of your kids education like what school to go,what courses they need to study,etc.? I've finished college which is my eldest sisters choice. The whole family agreed because at that time when I went to college my sister was already in the last year in one university. So ...we believed that she knew everything in term of education that she acquired in the university which is against my will. I need to followed them without any complains or else not to go college of my choice.No regrets of taking that course they've choose for me and I proved to all that even anybody could choose and if you take it in serious study you will go through for it.

Now that I am a mother of these young teenagers far from them I want them to followed all instructions giving to them . All experiences I have, I don't want them to suffer it like us as parents again .

Stages of parenting in many situations that makes sometimes a heartaches to my husband and to me. Parents always knows the best for their kids especially if they are in their teenage life.To protects them in all aspects of being teenagers and to give them appropriate needs that they are demanding every time .

But it comes to the point that I can't decide what is good for them . Instead , they are the one who decide for themselves even if it is against in my imagination as a mother.I can't believed and how I imagine that my eldest daughter want to be among service woman in uniform. She is kind of timid and shy since young girl until this time. I thought it was just because of her high school classmates convinced her but I discovered that none of her batch mates went to any military schools.How could she survive the military training that she cannot even kill the dying earthworm in our garden pots.I don't want that someday coming to my door crying of backing out from it. I hate coward person especially in terms of challenging life we're facing everyday.

Wheewww...I'm pounding my head now what is the good and right convincing words not to pursue of what she wants .I don't want to disappoint her either, but I can't and almost not control myself in yesterdays online chat.

Hey..I'm not against or hate anybody in uniforms out here.What I want to emphasize here is the capability of my daughter of not or should not be being there.Look, me and hubby grown up as a hard worker and living , finished in school as a working student. Let us compare to my kids now that they are going to school without any hindrances or obstacles of what we had before.After my high school I enrolled to a police academy but I was back out after a year then going to the university.Hubby went to Philippine Constabulary (PC) training then after three months in the main camp they dispatched to island city where we are grown up. From there he went AWOL to my surprise knocking the door to visit me that time.So ..we know already if our eldest will go there and we imagine what will happen. It's a hurt aches to think of what if she will insist to be there.

Friends and readers of this blog - PLEASE HELP ME-or please leave a few words of suggestion regarding this matter.Your comments will be deeply appreciated and makes me relieved of all this thoughts in my mind now. I'm so worried !


Monday, July 20, 2009


Yanyan's capping day has just finished few minutes ago held at Sto. Domingo church in Quezon Avenue, Quezon city , Philippines. Just received text messages from hubby who attended the program.Guys ...what else I can do that I'm here far away from them and just pounding my head of so many excitements during that certain activities in schools.Please don't let me be mis-understood here saying I'm on teary eyed again. It is once in a life time for all of us being students but I did not witnessed this days happenings.What I had now in my mind? - did she dressed up properly? did she had proper make up and hairdo?who fixed her? I was so busy last few weeks in my job here that I never asked those things during our online chat.My husband is not so fashionable person to do those things. He even don't like us woman's wearing make ups in some ordinary places or occasions. I just wearing make ups during children's events in school , sometimes if I was the Godmother to any weddings I'm attended with.Not being he got jealous it is because he cannot recognised a person in her reality if wearing make ups. It changes the real you he told me.

Pictures!pictures!......I don't know yet. Yanyan told me that the school have their own studios to take care everything all over the program. So body allowed taking pictures while the program is going on or inside the where they are . They have one digital cannon I left there and one as what we called here "DC" model (disilip) that needs to used negative films.So....lets wait the next news about it.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

*part one*

Charcoal making is one way on how peoples in mountainous areas of the Philippines survive and live with.These are the peoples living in poverty striving for any kind of works to earn money to use for their daily needs. Not belongs to any ethnic groups in Mindoro islands that mostly the charcoal making was just for Mangyan's only way back 5 decades ago. After planting rice in low land areas they went to the forest to gathered fire woods for making charcoal. Not all trees or woods can be process to a charcoal because some are easily burnt and becomes ashes in short period of time. These kinds woods are also rejected as a good lumber and not useful to any wood working process.

They are our trusted people living with us for more than 20 years and serving my parents until now .I bought a piece of land in 30 kilometers distance from the town with full of trees that are not useful and grassy "cogonal" zone. I told them to clean up all trees that are not necessary then they can make charcoal in preparations for mango, other fruits and coconut planting as soon as I can have budget for it.So they gathered fire woods from tip of the mountains down to a nearby river.Water are needed in making charcoal to control fire during each process. They used to watched it at all times until it becomes charcoal. One missed looked could turn to ashes that all their hard work also turns to nothing.

Steps by steps of this charcoal making will publish here as soon as I can have vacation. I will record some videos for it how is the whole thing about charcoal.This is just one picture that hubby sent me during his visit on the area.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

NORman's weekend activities

Visiting my father's grave during week days if without classes in school is my children's weekend assignment I gave them .If there is no activities in school they need to visit my mother and to my mother in law at desame time. They are both on one vicinity or "baranggay" or village.Early Saturday morning as before sun rise they need to go the nearby beach or seashore to swim at least 30 minutes continuously. I did that ever since they are little kids.Then go to the cemetery to clean and light candles to my father's grave. Why is it compulsary especially to NORman and riZAH to remember my father?. They born in my parents house where we stayed that time when my husband was working abroad. So my parents help me every needs of my kids.Begins to eat and walk are the most memorable moments that no one can change how my parents assist them saying that it was just for my kids only and not to any grandchildren.My father used to put NORman on his shoulder while making rounds to rice fields and they joined riding on buffalo's from place to place around my father's property.But now it was sad that this time my son supposedly repay him of what he did but my father has gone.

I erased the image above so others may not misinterpret this blog. It was Norman embracing my father's grave. Pictures taken two weeks ago then they send it to me. I cannot hold my emotions and for how many days writing this story until I decide not to put it here.

Parenting in far distance places with an absence of motherly touch relationships to the children was so hard.Sometimes it is better not to talk to them or even not seeing their pictures and it helps once in a while. I'm becoming more emotional as the days goes by but I need to be strong for their good future.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last week I received a hand carry package thru our neighbor that went vacation to her family in the Philippines.Hubby sent me my favorite "burliss" dried fish and films for their latest pictures.The digital cannon camera lens was broken so they are using now the oldest camera we had that need with this negative films .

Below are the favorite meals of my three young teenagers and hubby too.Everything that cooked with coconut milk are their good time meals. Served with plain rice on lunch even repeated on dinner time. is how I cooked it with vegetables and coconut milk.I put 1 big white onion, ginger, "batata"(sweet potato), papaya(grated yellowish), khatsil(eggplant), and garlic.I boiled half cooked all vegetables in coconut milk then put on top the burliss or any dried fish so that the fish will not turned into pieces.Sprinkled with salt and black pepper then served hot.

"burliss" is a fish pellet but we made it dry thru sunlight with a lot of salt to stay longer time to preserved. Wash with running water on your faucets before cooking.


Friday, July 3, 2009


Received another award from ~~~~iTRAVEL~~~~ ****THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN MY DEAREST FRIEND!!!!

Now I'm passing this award to the following...***Mouth's Delight ,***My Life's Events and Anecdotes
***Sannah's mindspirit and soul,
***Aprhodite: My so called LIFE , ***My Life's Journey in ITALY and to all names of names on my blog lists...


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thanks to qbees on youtube for this video
Two purpose of showing up this video is to learn more and understand the skin desease called vitiligo that Micheal Jackson decided to change his color black to white then most people all over the world asking HOW to cure it.In behalf of my family and clan we're deeply sorry of what happened to the king of of pop.I joined mourning thru email messages of avid fans world wide.

"BEN" is the most memorable recorded song to me and I used to call my husband when he was just started to court me at my young age of 15.My husband, seven months older than MJ has this kinky curly hair like the original looks of jackson 5 groups. It also served as our password that my strict father did not noticed us having mutual friendship feelings." I'll be There" and most of the hit songs of MJ that makes us connected in everyday's life relationships without meeting each other.It is the main reason to developed and make us one in a catholic church wedding ceremony in Antipolo city, Philippines. This is one miraculous cathedral church that we beleived so we choose to tied up our knot here.The whole receptions was played all hit songs of MJ that we used most of each song lyrics as our messages thru writting letters during our thirteen years of relationships.

Secondly to let you know that my youngest daughter riZAH has vitiligo on her right knee.It was seen before when her first year classes ends and they went to one resort to spend time with faculty members and classmates.While riZAH was inside the pool one teacher noticed that white reflection on her knee if she was facing to the sun. So they ask my daughter. Since then she don't like to wear above the knee clothings.She has now in feeling of an inferiority by covering it everywhere she goes. We consult one dermatologist in Manila and bringing home three kinds of cream to apply everyday on affected knee in different usage. One should apply before sunrise then expose it for at least 15-30 minutes. For growing kids like my daughter at her age of eleven is very hard waking her up early morning.Then during the day time there is another cream to apply to avoid sunlight and night time cream before going to bed. This cream was only avaible to thier clinic and none to any pharmacy around.It brings back color of the skin but if it stops applying cream in just one day it spread rapidly.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Housewive's....

Red,white, yellow roses on special occasions like anniversaries, birhtdays and any of your memorable days before getting married. Chocolates for ordinary days and fruits or what is your likes and dislike  among a lot of your favorites.All of these are the surprises of your hubby's, right?Why do all men knews woman's heart and thier favorites in a short period of time?   

HOW ABOUT YOU, MRS.? Hellooooooo....housewive's outhere , does your hubby recieved  surprises from you?  Can I ask you? How your husband's eagerness to his favorite foods aside from regular foods you served and some drinks like wine and beers.?..Oooppss.. exemptions to me but YOU! must always be pretty and sexy, lol. Mine always wants me to be healthy - big fat mama!, lol. Tweett...tweettt...simple but jealous , right?

Here is mine ..image above is made from powdered glutinous rice, so sweet . If you put that on the table beside me then hubby came in from work- this menu is the first one to touch before he kissed me..waaaahhhh....I'm hurt but later I'm happy . Below are the ingredients of the above image:

01.1 kilo powdered glutinous rice 02. 12 pcs eggs + 4 pcs for toppings = 16 pcs eggs 03. 2 reg. tins of condensed milk 04. 1 big tin of coconut milk 05. margarine 06. a quart of fresh milk

Prepare toppings and set aside: mix 4 eggyolks with 2-3 tablespon each of condensed milk, coconut milk, fresh milk and margarine.Just mix all ingredients remaining and set oven to 250 degrees and checked if it is cook for 20-30 minutes. Toppings should put in the middle of time covered.

My three young teenagers are like their father- love sweet and sugary foods.I likes most of sweet and sour taste either fruits or any foods.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Do you know that love letters are the most effective ways to settle and communicates husband and wife's misunderstanding? I have experienced of working to a family with a lot of workers in the house.Father's policy was no loud talking , shouting and yelling especially in front of the children and not to be hearing to any one around the house.Father hates to talk a lot but the mother as what we all know - noisy ,naughty, etc,etc.Few husband breaks their ego in time of misunderstanding to open up and settle what ever it is. Usually the mother makes the way and she wrote a letter inside their room while her husband went away. It was a letter expressing her emotions about the recent problems they had. Things that somebody can't say personally can be write in so many ways.  She left the letter to the husband's pillow and then went somewhere. So the husband must look for her and bring her  home happily.Case to case bases or/and it depends upon the problems to whom of them should be giving up.

I did this before that even my parents didn't know that we are not talking to each other for a month. That was  three months after the birth of NORman.I swear it's true but lately hubby don't want to read anymore. If he saw my love letter he came to me giving a very tight hug and laughed. He used to say "it's desame lyrics" so.. no need to read again a hundred times.



Monday, June 15, 2009


Meals are mothers first concern to thier kids. They must know what thier kids wants and favorites at all times. Every foods or meals must prepared with good nutritions that sometimes kids don't like it but mothers always insisting the best health facts that should be given to their children.Here is what I'm cooking to my kids everytime I'm with them and that was during my vacation time.I love it too. They are always want to visit granny because LOLA always preparing this meal every week that all grandchildren is coming to them.Picnic as you can see every weekend and the day is not complete without this menu, bamboo shoots with favorite veggies and prawns.

1.bamboo shoots-labong: contains vitamins, minerals and protien / phyllostachys edulis 
2.okra-it has vitamin B6,calcium, fiber and folic acid / "abelmoschus esculentus"
3.yardlong beans(any beans)-sitaw: vitamin B, protein , fiber and Iron / "phaseolus vulgaris"
4.eggplant-talong: soduim,  cholasterol free, low in saturated fats /" solanum melongena" 
5.jute leaves - saluyot: it has all vital nutrients that body needs, with beta-carotene vitamins and reboflavin
6.ginger-luya: helps boost bone health and relieves joint pains, it also helps control diarrhea

7.prawns-sugpo: kids all time favorites- note: bad for those with HBP-high cholasterol present   / penaeus monodon


Thursday, June 11, 2009


Video embedded from youtube through the account of ~~~ wowawe69 ~~~


Saturday, June 6, 2009

A LOVELY and BEST blog award

Happy and excited accepting these two awards from Chuchie, here are all her blogs Chuchie's HideAway , WhereAbouts , Scrap Collection , Three Chie's Trends and Chuchie's Kitchen Adventure

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link. No objections to this one but it sounds funny that acceptance of the award is a must.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I am passing these awards ?????????????????????? names later in few days. 

Thank You very much again Chie , your one of a kind.



Around three o'clock (Israel time)  this morning I woke up by the text ringtone on my cellularphone . It was NORman and riZAH got online. First thing I asked was my mother, she went to Manila for her regular check up that she became weak and weaker  since my father was passed away.Everything  and everybody was fine they said.

Rizah and Norman had been  gone from the parlor for thier haircut in preparations on Monday's first day of school. They are already both in third year high school.As we all know that the opening classes in the Philippines was during the month of June.Aside from that Yanyan bought all school supplies of her sister and brother that they need this coming school year opening .It was last Sunday they went shopping in the town.Then she prepared to go to Manila - that was Tuesday night.Yesterday,  Yanyan  got online also to let me know of thier orientation held last two days for her third year in college. It was the schedule of capping, school fees, she will be on hospital duties soon as required by the choosen course, etc. Since I'm  far with them I cannot assist  them personaly what they need, I'm just talking and talking them what to do. As the two youngs said thier uniforms, shoes and bags are all cleaned and ready to go back to school..

Lucky enough that yaya Gemma went back home last Tuesday from Aklan to where her husband wanted to live them together. But she went back with her son , the one that I said before , the boy with the heart failure since birth or as per the doctor said - a blue baby.They agreed before that I can adopt thier son but now the father was cliaming that it was just a joke.Okey...even I spent a lot for his treatment at least I help him to become now a healthy 4 years old boy. Since yaya Gemma got married she used to come - on and off - to be with us again. This is the one thing I cannot say NO because she has a big role in my family for she spent life with us since birth of Yanyan and it was already 18 years past. We have also one young girl , niece of Gemma that want to go to school but the parents cannot afford  to send her even there is public school in thier area. So...they asked me if I can adopt again thier daughter . Okey...we are just half kilometer distance from a public school and she is now in first year high school. You see what a blessings I have this school year 2009? I'm happy of being healthy and strong to face all of these challenges in my life. 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NORman idolized this guy?

My kids had always fun time viewing comedy show especially if I'm home because I hate dramas.We enjoyed viewing Mr.bean's show always.I never knew that Norman was doing what he has seen on tv and he even acted like this in school or any place where they are except my presence and the two girls are the audience laughter.When I asked they stop and said nothing.It is only now I found this video that those gestures are from here. So funny that even now if he is driving his doing it also.My son has this attitude of something like he is practising to have shows even if his lying on his bed and not yet asleep. One time I saw him without his knowledge I'm behind the door looking for him. I thought there's something wrong with him but my husband told me that he is always like that.Most videos of Mr. Bean I viewed are good but some are not for young teenagers. In western countries maybe they allowed thier teenagers but for my 3kids I don't want them to see things that is more than what they had. I mean teenagers are most curious of all things they have seen. So for me not seeing those things are the best way to avoid them to think or get away things that they might do.So I always reminding my husband to monitor them even in school that we are lucky the guard chief is my former classmate and a high school friend,  so the record shows thier in and out time in school vicinity.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

TOP TEN EC DROPERS (27april-27may09)

Sorry for the late published of this top ten EC droppers. Did you noticed that maybe there is a mistake in entrecard statistics here. I watched/checked this for four consecutive days and it shown changes in number of drops.Drops started at 27th but on 28th,29nth,30th and 31rst  drops still up and downs. I can't really understand these, I'm just wondering and hoping somebody could tell me this how it goes.

statistics may 30,2009

Biz Boink........ 27
Cacai's Step and Journey....... 25
Autumnal Confessions & SexyAdvice..... 24
Life M arriage and Kids.... 23
Tyson Chaney's Life 2000..... 21
Everything Has A Reason... 21
Simple Happy Life... 20
Welcome to My Diary.... 19
Bits and Pieces.... 17
Stalking Minds.... 16


statistics 29may09
Biz Boink 27
Cacai's Step and Journey 24
Autumnal Confessions & SexyAdvice 23
lifemarriageandkids 22
Tyson Chaney's Life 2000 21
Everything Has A Reason 20
Welcome to My Diary 19
simplehappylife 19
Bits and Pieces 16
World of Film 15

Above are my TOP TEN LOYAL EC DROPPERS from April 27,2009 to May 27, 2009. Well, repeating words of thanks was so annoying and so popular every end of the month but that's the way it should be. In this blog I will make different from my two blogs-survivor and otherside , it will not appear the logo on the sidebar.One reason that I need to delete the other two was "they misunderstood that it was an advertisement". paid ads here, it was just an appreciation to someone or to co-bloggers for thier constant visits but my survivor suffered for this gesture.No blames , I just want everybody know that this is not right way to do for your blogs outhere.I will put in the sidebar your blogs title for the whole month and will change for the next month as what will be the statistics tally. Maybe wearing uniforms is nice to see like mostly bloggers did.


Monday, May 25, 2009

3kids report cards

As if I woke up from a deep sleep after I checked all my emails.Again I'm so emotional and I almost not to believed that my 3kids can earned these grades.Yanyan is just alone in the city and only me sending text messages and words to study hard.I'm always telling her that we can,we can make her dreams come true even without the full assistance of my husband due to his health status and one reason that is why I'm here. I'm just expecting only for a passing grades that will satisfied me because I know it is impossible to be on top again. I'm giving them thousands of words everyday of what to do and they can answered me YES! also a thousand yes but I'm not sure if they're doing it. Here is the proof of all my efforts of encouraging them to have a good grades.I'm presenting these because it shows that parenting can make in many ways even they are far from each other or in a distance places and not a hindrance to fulfill the good future of the children.

On the otherhand I'm forcing NORman to learn how to drive our car at his young age of 14.He is now driving to visit the ricefield with his father on the side but not on the town proper.I know that was not allowed by the law but for emergency reasons he can drive his father of going to the hospital if my husband is not feeling well or what ever. And riZAH has nothing to do but to cry and yelling "mama please come home" maybe because she likes and seeing all the drama series that cause our one TV set burned.

It's YANyan's grades(above)
NORman and riZAH's report cards during thier second year in high school.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


These are the words that I used to say to my husband in every long distance calls I did few years back.I told these phase also to my kids each time they told me something that it was a hardship of being far away from them. And now I always whispering these same phrase to boost myself in everyday challenge in my work here.Calling and talking to my love one's in far distance is the best way to lessen my stress and loneliness.During that time of exchanging words and stories I was so happy and contented but after that momments of closing or shot off the lines, I felt so lonely until such time I found myself crying.

For almost one week I didn't write or do something , I just want to rest my mind and prepared or concentrate to my work but still there's in my thoughts, weeww...I gave thanks to all my friends here in blogosphere and some outside that they know if I'm silent I'm bored but no one can help it even do I.

I have this attitudes of crazy, noisy ,naughty if I'm happy but in time like this I was so silent and you can see it automatically that I'm lonely.I don't want to let my kids or my family know about this because as what they knew me as a strong,brave woman and a great help if they are down and helpless. But for all you know I'm just a human, how strong I am still there is a time that I'm also down and need to cry.


Monday, May 18, 2009

New header design by DEMZ

Hello every one!..did you noticed my new header or banner on top? Again , I'm thankful that Demz was always there and always be anytime I need something on my blogs and its FREE again like what she did in my SURVIVOR blog.First template and header was designed by Shaine of D Anjhels for free of charge also. I included one of thier blogs on my link bar but they still have more interesting blogs to read and follow. on "My Life's Perception and Inspiration" for DEMZ and "D Anjhels" for Shaine to open all thier blogs.Did you see that below the header all my blogs and each one of them written there?

To those not included now on my friendslist PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT ON COMMENT BOX (URL-most important) so that I can ADD you again .Sorry ...that in few days your out of the list . We all know that changing templates are usually missing some html that I can't remember anymore who are on the list before.To those who want to have exchange links please leave messages on comments box because sometimes I can not catch up messages on tag board especially if I'm busy on my work.



Friday, May 15, 2009

what is your own definition of RESPECT

No exact definition of word RESPECT , it applies thru emotions but not fear as what most people openly misunderstood. To honor and ESTEEM has the roles to  respect a person.  One with honor has the ability to admit when they are wrong and esteem is when someone is placed in high regard or a feeling of high pride.

According to Thesaurus:
Respect - is a behavior intended to please your parents
for example of these meaning are the following:
*****"their children were never very strong on obedience"
*****"she went to $&@ school out of respect for his mother's wishes"

We never heard of my eldest daughter of what she wants to be in the future . As a mother with a long and winding road of  experienced and grown up in poverty I must say I know what is right for her.She even complained to my husband during her first semester then hubby relayed it to me. A lot of suggestions, examples and motivations I did during her two years in college but last month she told me and appreciated of what I'm doing to push her in taking up that course and now she's enjoying.I'm just hoping and praying that she will finish it for her own good.

some said :
Respect is a duty of a child to its parents

****in this part "I DISAGREE" why? not all duties of a child to follow thy parents .I mean not all parents intensions are for the good of thier children , there are some parents using  thier children as a fronts .   So it is very hard to a child to follow and its confuses them, if they did it by force children will become rebelous behind the back of their parents.As a parent it is a matter  of understanding and observations of how to command their child to build a good relationship until the end process that they(children) themselves freely accept everything what their parents did.So...duty is need to observed without hatred by this time and more meaningful to a happy ending.

 or it is also a relation or reference to a particular thing or situation

particular things like the way you approach or a kind of gesture to  peoples are always the tools  if they will respect you or not, so ... it is always said"it depends upon the situation". But if you will be in the crazy world of nonsense if you heard these words" If you want me to respect you , first you must respect yourself". It means this is already a disrespectful  to any one and the upbringing of the child maybe in low level of family values.Childrens that are hanging out all the time are influenced by thier friends or sometimes we said by the invironment.For me those who do not want my respect or vice versa I'm avoiding them. We cannot please everyone but only few of them.So leave it to them that way of what they wanted to be.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday's motherly greetings was flooded in bloggers world and on cellular phones to a far distance mother friends.Both I recieved are emotionals-why?- those friends that are no communications in long period of times send and remembered me.I have most and surprising messages that until now it is on my mind thinking that my daughter was finished her adolescents path of  life. She is matured enough to what she send to me ,unbelievable!.

Last year when I went home to attend my father's funeral, one of my cousin's during mourning whispher me that it is impossible that my eldest daughter don't have boyfriend.He even heard in cousin's groups(grandchildrens of my father)saying"Oh YANyan where is your bf? today is like knowing each other".I never heard that but when we already at home I asked my daughter if it is true or not. But deny to death from her mouth.Since then that I went back to work in Israel I never forget every weekend to get online and have a short message on her. Still she remains silent and I always giving her some inspirational stories like one "if you have good scholastic records ,you can land the best jobs and you choose what companies you want". At the last messages I'm sending something like this "if you have a good job you can have the good boyfriend too-choices will be in you".Then " I want blue eyes grand childrens" this words that my hubby hates me, hahahaha.

After motherly greetings she send me yesterday, there was words of "thank you MA for everything and don't worry I don't have BF anymore,we parted our ways.We didn't meet and talk after our high school graduation.Everything was just on the txt messages and on friendster. So ..I'm still intact to focus on my studies,hugs&kisses".I was on the public vehicle bound to city of Natanya to where the nearest city I'm working on that momment reading her messages.I can't control my emotions and I cried loudly, so.... some passengers asked the driver to stopped for a while and to look what's going on inside why his passengers are noisy. In few minutes I told them sorry because today is "mother's day" that I never felt they are celebrating this day either .


Friday, May 8, 2009

Sibling's Fight

 Blood is thicker than water - these are the  words that my parents told me always when I was a young child.We always fights with my brothers and sisters every after meals who will wash dishes.I grown up that everything was done manually , I mean by hands, so households chores are  assigned to us children right after we woke up.That was a command from my father and we are thankful for it that we grew up with all works are known especially inside the house.But outside the house or far away from home we never fights.We go anywhere  buddy -buddy, as if partner-girl&boy until we bacome mature it becomes our habbit too.

Below is the email of my youngest daugther, funny as if she's writting as blogger.I did not omit nor erase or add any words there.Last Monday while my husband got online and we discussed about the eldest in the city, riZAH wrote this.....

(riZAH's email)

Me and my brother oftently fight with each other, like this one-i don't know when this happened- i combine some of this happenings....

Every morning i wake up so late, sometimes im not in a good mood,then my brother(norman) is always bugging me that mostly gets me angry...He shouts on my face,playing tricks on me,and the thing i hate so much-he punches me,he makes my day the worst... so that makes me think- his r--e,mean and ---l!

 Another thing is when we're watching tv(at our sala's tv-before)it was a good movie then he-not so surprisingly-walks in front of me blocking the view of the tv,when i say ''move'', he throws his pillow on me right into my i slap him then punch back on me.... every time that happens i call him "@$&*%" and mostly"gay"(which is not true) i call him that because he fight with girls(which is me)then our father scolds us but not too much because were fighting in nonsense things which also my mother says.... so after a while of quiet minutes we usually returns in the normal way.... then it happens again and again... whew.. its tiring but he never stops...... then i realize something that there's always a siblings fight but family relationship always make it right..... til now he does it always... I may say his an  @$&*% but still he my brother... a lesson i will not forget....


Thursday, May 7, 2009


Far away from home is not a hindrance of a good parenting process.I'm giving all these credits to high technology-the digital world they said that  gave us all the ways to be with our family and love one's anytime of the days.

Last three days my husband got online and we discussed about our eldest daugther in Manila - she's alone there.She wants to transfer this coming semester in another boarding house.She wants more and bigger rooms as she always said if the internships will going on and she wants privacy.Ahh...yes a bit crowded by now where she is staying.

Another was the upcoming "capping" day,I want to find the professional or in line of this business to take videos during that day.But before thier duties in hospital begins they need to be interview-I dont know what interview and she needs to buy a set of formal clothes to use.hihihihi funny it's mother like daughter that don't have or not wearing formal skirts or dresses.She asked her father but my husband also don't know it.He is a kind of man that didn't  bought me these kind of stuffs.hahahaha.We are wearing both kinds of outfit.So he needs my decissions what ever goes...Parenting is in need of both husband and wives suggestions then ask the childrens also if they will like it too.So...late in the evening I monitored she got online because she still have some research works.I just leave messages that if still have time after that research I need to talk too.And that's it...she finally decides what to buy- a set of pants and polo blouse then flat shoes.She don't like wearing shoes with high heels and also me hihihihi because she always saying that she is and I saw it in all of her pictures , the kind of tall compared to her classmates.

About all pictures I'm putting- she dislikes it but I told her that she needs to be careful and behave always.Why? If all my friends in blogosphere see her anywhere they will tell me, so..that's mean point here. This is not a treat to her or any thing that she could have a lack of confidence to herself but this the right thing to do for her future and just think that I'm  just doing  anything for her own good. A lot of explanations and inspirational stories to tell or people I meet why they are successful in life.The salaries is best tools to inspire her if she will make good grades in her studies. So far.. so good.....