Thursday, May 7, 2009


Far away from home is not a hindrance of a good parenting process.I'm giving all these credits to high technology-the digital world they said that  gave us all the ways to be with our family and love one's anytime of the days.

Last three days my husband got online and we discussed about our eldest daugther in Manila - she's alone there.She wants to transfer this coming semester in another boarding house.She wants more and bigger rooms as she always said if the internships will going on and she wants privacy.Ahh...yes a bit crowded by now where she is staying.

Another was the upcoming "capping" day,I want to find the professional or in line of this business to take videos during that day.But before thier duties in hospital begins they need to be interview-I dont know what interview and she needs to buy a set of formal clothes to use.hihihihi funny it's mother like daughter that don't have or not wearing formal skirts or dresses.She asked her father but my husband also don't know it.He is a kind of man that didn't  bought me these kind of stuffs.hahahaha.We are wearing both kinds of outfit.So he needs my decissions what ever goes...Parenting is in need of both husband and wives suggestions then ask the childrens also if they will like it too.So...late in the evening I monitored she got online because she still have some research works.I just leave messages that if still have time after that research I need to talk too.And that's it...she finally decides what to buy- a set of pants and polo blouse then flat shoes.She don't like wearing shoes with high heels and also me hihihihi because she always saying that she is and I saw it in all of her pictures , the kind of tall compared to her classmates.

About all pictures I'm putting- she dislikes it but I told her that she needs to be careful and behave always.Why? If all my friends in blogosphere see her anywhere they will tell me, so..that's mean point here. This is not a treat to her or any thing that she could have a lack of confidence to herself but this the right thing to do for her future and just think that I'm  just doing  anything for her own good. A lot of explanations and inspirational stories to tell or people I meet why they are successful in life.The salaries is best tools to inspire her if she will make good grades in her studies. So far.. so good.....


chubskulit May 10, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

Belated Hsppy mother's day tvhing... Hirap pag malayo ka sa mahal sa buhay noh... happy bday nga pala!

FourSeasons May 16, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

Hello Vhing,,
I also have a daughter who is taking up nursing, she'll be fourth year this June,,,
and two teenaged boys too,,,
Mahirap na masarap maging Nanay,,,
Be safe always!!!