Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thanks to qbees on youtube for this video
Two purpose of showing up this video is to learn more and understand the skin desease called vitiligo that Micheal Jackson decided to change his color black to white then most people all over the world asking HOW to cure it.In behalf of my family and clan we're deeply sorry of what happened to the king of of pop.I joined mourning thru email messages of avid fans world wide.

"BEN" is the most memorable recorded song to me and I used to call my husband when he was just started to court me at my young age of 15.My husband, seven months older than MJ has this kinky curly hair like the original looks of jackson 5 groups. It also served as our password that my strict father did not noticed us having mutual friendship feelings." I'll be There" and most of the hit songs of MJ that makes us connected in everyday's life relationships without meeting each other.It is the main reason to developed and make us one in a catholic church wedding ceremony in Antipolo city, Philippines. This is one miraculous cathedral church that we beleived so we choose to tied up our knot here.The whole receptions was played all hit songs of MJ that we used most of each song lyrics as our messages thru writting letters during our thirteen years of relationships.

Secondly to let you know that my youngest daughter riZAH has vitiligo on her right knee.It was seen before when her first year classes ends and they went to one resort to spend time with faculty members and classmates.While riZAH was inside the pool one teacher noticed that white reflection on her knee if she was facing to the sun. So they ask my daughter. Since then she don't like to wear above the knee clothings.She has now in feeling of an inferiority by covering it everywhere she goes. We consult one dermatologist in Manila and bringing home three kinds of cream to apply everyday on affected knee in different usage. One should apply before sunrise then expose it for at least 15-30 minutes. For growing kids like my daughter at her age of eleven is very hard waking her up early morning.Then during the day time there is another cream to apply to avoid sunlight and night time cream before going to bed. This cream was only avaible to thier clinic and none to any pharmacy around.It brings back color of the skin but if it stops applying cream in just one day it spread rapidly.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Housewive's....

Red,white, yellow roses on special occasions like anniversaries, birhtdays and any of your memorable days before getting married. Chocolates for ordinary days and fruits or what is your likes and dislike  among a lot of your favorites.All of these are the surprises of your hubby's, right?Why do all men knews woman's heart and thier favorites in a short period of time?   

HOW ABOUT YOU, MRS.? Hellooooooo....housewive's outhere , does your hubby recieved  surprises from you?  Can I ask you? How your husband's eagerness to his favorite foods aside from regular foods you served and some drinks like wine and beers.?..Oooppss.. exemptions to me but YOU! must always be pretty and sexy, lol. Mine always wants me to be healthy - big fat mama!, lol. Tweett...tweettt...simple but jealous , right?

Here is mine ..image above is made from powdered glutinous rice, so sweet . If you put that on the table beside me then hubby came in from work- this menu is the first one to touch before he kissed me..waaaahhhh....I'm hurt but later I'm happy . Below are the ingredients of the above image:

01.1 kilo powdered glutinous rice 02. 12 pcs eggs + 4 pcs for toppings = 16 pcs eggs 03. 2 reg. tins of condensed milk 04. 1 big tin of coconut milk 05. margarine 06. a quart of fresh milk

Prepare toppings and set aside: mix 4 eggyolks with 2-3 tablespon each of condensed milk, coconut milk, fresh milk and margarine.Just mix all ingredients remaining and set oven to 250 degrees and checked if it is cook for 20-30 minutes. Toppings should put in the middle of time covered.

My three young teenagers are like their father- love sweet and sugary foods.I likes most of sweet and sour taste either fruits or any foods.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Do you know that love letters are the most effective ways to settle and communicates husband and wife's misunderstanding? I have experienced of working to a family with a lot of workers in the house.Father's policy was no loud talking , shouting and yelling especially in front of the children and not to be hearing to any one around the house.Father hates to talk a lot but the mother as what we all know - noisy ,naughty, etc,etc.Few husband breaks their ego in time of misunderstanding to open up and settle what ever it is. Usually the mother makes the way and she wrote a letter inside their room while her husband went away. It was a letter expressing her emotions about the recent problems they had. Things that somebody can't say personally can be write in so many ways.  She left the letter to the husband's pillow and then went somewhere. So the husband must look for her and bring her  home happily.Case to case bases or/and it depends upon the problems to whom of them should be giving up.

I did this before that even my parents didn't know that we are not talking to each other for a month. That was  three months after the birth of NORman.I swear it's true but lately hubby don't want to read anymore. If he saw my love letter he came to me giving a very tight hug and laughed. He used to say "it's desame lyrics" so.. no need to read again a hundred times.



Monday, June 15, 2009


Meals are mothers first concern to thier kids. They must know what thier kids wants and favorites at all times. Every foods or meals must prepared with good nutritions that sometimes kids don't like it but mothers always insisting the best health facts that should be given to their children.Here is what I'm cooking to my kids everytime I'm with them and that was during my vacation time.I love it too. They are always want to visit granny because LOLA always preparing this meal every week that all grandchildren is coming to them.Picnic as you can see every weekend and the day is not complete without this menu, bamboo shoots with favorite veggies and prawns.

1.bamboo shoots-labong: contains vitamins, minerals and protien / phyllostachys edulis 
2.okra-it has vitamin B6,calcium, fiber and folic acid / "abelmoschus esculentus"
3.yardlong beans(any beans)-sitaw: vitamin B, protein , fiber and Iron / "phaseolus vulgaris"
4.eggplant-talong: soduim,  cholasterol free, low in saturated fats /" solanum melongena" 
5.jute leaves - saluyot: it has all vital nutrients that body needs, with beta-carotene vitamins and reboflavin
6.ginger-luya: helps boost bone health and relieves joint pains, it also helps control diarrhea

7.prawns-sugpo: kids all time favorites- note: bad for those with HBP-high cholasterol present   / penaeus monodon


Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A LOVELY and BEST blog award

Happy and excited accepting these two awards from Chuchie, here are all her blogs Chuchie's HideAway , WhereAbouts , Scrap Collection , Three Chie's Trends and Chuchie's Kitchen Adventure

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link. No objections to this one but it sounds funny that acceptance of the award is a must.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I am passing these awards ?????????????????????? names later in few days. 

Thank You very much again Chie , your one of a kind.



Around three o'clock (Israel time)  this morning I woke up by the text ringtone on my cellularphone . It was NORman and riZAH got online. First thing I asked was my mother, she went to Manila for her regular check up that she became weak and weaker  since my father was passed away.Everything  and everybody was fine they said.

Rizah and Norman had been  gone from the parlor for thier haircut in preparations on Monday's first day of school. They are already both in third year high school.As we all know that the opening classes in the Philippines was during the month of June.Aside from that Yanyan bought all school supplies of her sister and brother that they need this coming school year opening .It was last Sunday they went shopping in the town.Then she prepared to go to Manila - that was Tuesday night.Yesterday,  Yanyan  got online also to let me know of thier orientation held last two days for her third year in college. It was the schedule of capping, school fees, she will be on hospital duties soon as required by the choosen course, etc. Since I'm  far with them I cannot assist  them personaly what they need, I'm just talking and talking them what to do. As the two youngs said thier uniforms, shoes and bags are all cleaned and ready to go back to school..

Lucky enough that yaya Gemma went back home last Tuesday from Aklan to where her husband wanted to live them together. But she went back with her son , the one that I said before , the boy with the heart failure since birth or as per the doctor said - a blue baby.They agreed before that I can adopt thier son but now the father was cliaming that it was just a joke.Okey...even I spent a lot for his treatment at least I help him to become now a healthy 4 years old boy. Since yaya Gemma got married she used to come - on and off - to be with us again. This is the one thing I cannot say NO because she has a big role in my family for she spent life with us since birth of Yanyan and it was already 18 years past. We have also one young girl , niece of Gemma that want to go to school but the parents cannot afford  to send her even there is public school in thier area. So...they asked me if I can adopt again thier daughter . Okey...we are just half kilometer distance from a public school and she is now in first year high school. You see what a blessings I have this school year 2009? I'm happy of being healthy and strong to face all of these challenges in my life. 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NORman idolized this guy?

My kids had always fun time viewing comedy show especially if I'm home because I hate dramas.We enjoyed viewing Mr.bean's show always.I never knew that Norman was doing what he has seen on tv and he even acted like this in school or any place where they are except my presence and the two girls are the audience laughter.When I asked they stop and said nothing.It is only now I found this video that those gestures are from here. So funny that even now if he is driving his doing it also.My son has this attitude of something like he is practising to have shows even if his lying on his bed and not yet asleep. One time I saw him without his knowledge I'm behind the door looking for him. I thought there's something wrong with him but my husband told me that he is always like that.Most videos of Mr. Bean I viewed are good but some are not for young teenagers. In western countries maybe they allowed thier teenagers but for my 3kids I don't want them to see things that is more than what they had. I mean teenagers are most curious of all things they have seen. So for me not seeing those things are the best way to avoid them to think or get away things that they might do.So I always reminding my husband to monitor them even in school that we are lucky the guard chief is my former classmate and a high school friend,  so the record shows thier in and out time in school vicinity.