Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Housewive's....

Red,white, yellow roses on special occasions like anniversaries, birhtdays and any of your memorable days before getting married. Chocolates for ordinary days and fruits or what is your likes and dislike  among a lot of your favorites.All of these are the surprises of your hubby's, right?Why do all men knews woman's heart and thier favorites in a short period of time?   

HOW ABOUT YOU, MRS.? Hellooooooo....housewive's outhere , does your hubby recieved  surprises from you?  Can I ask you? How your husband's eagerness to his favorite foods aside from regular foods you served and some drinks like wine and beers.?..Oooppss.. exemptions to me but YOU! must always be pretty and sexy, lol. Mine always wants me to be healthy - big fat mama!, lol. Tweett...tweettt...simple but jealous , right?

Here is mine ..image above is made from powdered glutinous rice, so sweet . If you put that on the table beside me then hubby came in from work- this menu is the first one to touch before he kissed me..waaaahhhh....I'm hurt but later I'm happy . Below are the ingredients of the above image:

01.1 kilo powdered glutinous rice 02. 12 pcs eggs + 4 pcs for toppings = 16 pcs eggs 03. 2 reg. tins of condensed milk 04. 1 big tin of coconut milk 05. margarine 06. a quart of fresh milk

Prepare toppings and set aside: mix 4 eggyolks with 2-3 tablespon each of condensed milk, coconut milk, fresh milk and margarine.Just mix all ingredients remaining and set oven to 250 degrees and checked if it is cook for 20-30 minutes. Toppings should put in the middle of time covered.

My three young teenagers are like their father- love sweet and sugary foods.I likes most of sweet and sour taste either fruits or any foods.


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks July 7, 2009 at 7:14 AM  

wow, thanks for sharing this ate Vhing, this must be very yummy in a sense that hubby would notice this piece of sweet before noticing the wifey hehehe..

Thanks for sharing this ate vhing, i would like to try but i am afraid ill eat this by myself without sharing it to my banana heheh