Saturday, June 20, 2009


Do you know that love letters are the most effective ways to settle and communicates husband and wife's misunderstanding? I have experienced of working to a family with a lot of workers in the house.Father's policy was no loud talking , shouting and yelling especially in front of the children and not to be hearing to any one around the house.Father hates to talk a lot but the mother as what we all know - noisy ,naughty, etc,etc.Few husband breaks their ego in time of misunderstanding to open up and settle what ever it is. Usually the mother makes the way and she wrote a letter inside their room while her husband went away. It was a letter expressing her emotions about the recent problems they had. Things that somebody can't say personally can be write in so many ways.  She left the letter to the husband's pillow and then went somewhere. So the husband must look for her and bring her  home happily.Case to case bases or/and it depends upon the problems to whom of them should be giving up.

I did this before that even my parents didn't know that we are not talking to each other for a month. That was  three months after the birth of NORman.I swear it's true but lately hubby don't want to read anymore. If he saw my love letter he came to me giving a very tight hug and laughed. He used to say "it's desame lyrics" so.. no need to read again a hundred times.



JessQ June 20, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

I am a father of four boys (nay, they're men now) and a lady (now). No one has written me a love letter anymore...much less have I received a love letter from their mother. They even get jealous when I receive txt messages from friends.

So I resort to writing here in the internet through the blogosphere. Am thankful that there are many generous souls willing to write back and read, just even a few lines of what I've jotted.

Klinika Kinetics would be very grateful and feel privileged for your warm visits and jottings.