Friday, July 31, 2009


CONDOLENCES TO ALL FILIPINOS WORLDWIDE of losing a mother of the NEW PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC. EDSA REVOLUTION 1986 was hosted by HON. CORAZON C. AQUINO at the time when the peoples power bind and joined hands together to bring out the present democracy we are enjoying now.Lucky as I always said to my three young teenagers that I am one among millions of peoples joined the EDSA revolutions.

I was there in that February 25-26, 1986.YES! I WAS THERE! I was in my last semester in MLQU ,university just nearby Malacanang Palace of February 22 when most of my batch mate invited me to joined them to walked but I refused.I don't have any idea that time what was going on outside. I'm busy to my work during day time and schooling at early night time.Hundreds of college students that are all men and we are few women inside the room.Sometimes I'm the only woman in one classroom and all was from a groups of doing boycotts . I'm afraid joining the packed of boycotter but I'm always around in few distance.February 23 when I decided to walk through my work in Cubao area but I was surprised when I'm standing at Munoz Market waiting for a bus ride. No passenger vehicles, all private cars announcing "Let us joined hands , Come with us for FREE ride to Ortigas!" I'm still decided to report for my work .But on my mind I need to go in nearby where are those points I've seen on tv news. I'm so curios and my work was just a walking distance from the back of Camp Aguinaldo fronting Camp Crame.So.. I choose cars packed with young's and women's.Take note I'm alone went there most of my neighbors was afraid they just watched on tv news. Cubao area was already crowded when we arrived so we walked up to Ortigas. Along the way peoples in different groups cheering, singing, dancing, sharing food and giving water to all peoples around and the most wonderful scene was when I ask one groups.THEY DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER and THEY ARE ENJOYING! They didn't bother to asked one another where came from so I stayed with them also.

My brother and my husband , they are very best friends, after their drinking spree at late night start looking where I am. They already worried but there is no way to locate for finding me. All streets around the area and all peoples are outside their respective houses.The next morning they went to Sto. Domingo church by foot in a shortcut way from Frisco, Quezon City.The Pantranco up to Roces Avenue cor Quezon Blvd are also crowded with armoured tanks and military men , nuns and priests.A long and long, long story to be told.....and the last I could say is.......



Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I want to thanks TSANG the author of ***Blog Fusion** and also to CHIE of ***Three Chie's Trends*** blog for giving me this Kreativ blogger award. I really appreciate this because until now I'm trying to create but time limits me to do it. Maybe later on if my three young teenagers will continue this blog and I'm sure they will.

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***1.Yanyan is now 18 years old 2. Norman is 14 years old 3. Rizah is 13 years old 4.Yanyan was born in QCGH,Phils 5. Norman and Rizah was born in my parents house with the midwife assisted by the traditional midwife (hilot) 6.Yanyan a college student , Norman and Rizah both in third year high school at same section 7. Scrapping image above was made by friend Jhing2x***
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
1.DEMZ-the dias spot 2. Jacky - my life story 3. Shaine-D anjhel's scrap's of life 4. Kizuna-ties and bonding 5. Lulu- bitz and pieces 6. hopeful - walk with me 7. BIE - BieazBlog and all names of bloggers that on my lists of this blog...please grab it coz we all creative , so we all deserved this award.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YANyan's 18th Birthday

We wish you good health always, may you have more and more birthdays to come.As you wish to fulfill your dreams of what you want to be is all upon you. Take Care coz we all really cares for you.

Here is the personality traits of people born under the month of July 22 up to August 22 and their zodiac sign is LEO.
Leo people are among the Kings of the zodiac horoscope. Leo are generous, unselfish, warmth, creative, loyal and loving. However, They can be egoistic, they think highly of themselves. Leo are impulsive and unreserved. Similar to the King of beasts, Leo like to be in command and they make good leaders. They are intellectually smart and can be philosophical, even religious. Leo are also highly disciplined and will seldom allow any personality traits to get out of control.

Leo make warm heart and trusting partners, but can be extremely disappointed, hurt and let down if this trust is abused.

Leo like to be dominant and have powerful egos. They can be annoyed if they’re not the center of attention. Leo need to remember that less is more and they can attract as much attention if they know how to relax and stop trying so hard to get it. It is that pride characteristic of Leo again.

Some famous person born on July 29 and under LEO:
July 29 - Clara Bow - Actress
July 29 - Robert Horton - Actor
July 29 - Marilyn Quayle - V.P. Wife
July 29 - Peter Jennings - Newscaster
Aug 17 - Robert Dinero -Actor
Aug 05 - Neil Armstrong-Astraunot


Monday, July 27, 2009

Are you a good driver??

"I'm driving for almost 30 years up to now, I'm the great driver!". huh!!?? Who said that or maybe you have heard it in your place where you are now? Regardless of long time driving or let us say good driving but how if you forget anything once in a while? Ooppss....don't tell me "NOT!", please be reminded that all of us are all not perfect.Never mind on me I'm working with Alzheimer's that was not knew to us workers and it was a great fun if we are together.

Now let us go to the image. Did you see the front bumper what happened? Just a little or not yet folded.I felt black out when I saw this picture and said OMG!!NO!NO!.then THANKS TO GOD! Norman is not there when that time happened while cleaning the windshield.My husband and the great PAPA of my three young teenagers did it!.Imagine ...I love him because he is a good and great driver! but he forgot the HAND BRAKE to put on after parking their service at the garage.

Here is now the defensive was Sunday a very busy day and full of activities assigned to my husband. They went to my father's grave to clean and pray. Then they went to the beach and in the fish pond , it was 5 kilometers drive from each point. After that plus 15 kilometers drive to my mother place, NORman and riZAH's Sunday or Saturday visit. Next to my mother in law just one kilometer away from my mother's house. And then they went home late night already, a very tiring day for my beloved husband.So...he forgot the hand brake even the tire stopper he didn't put on also.

Next day is Monday and it was schooldays this time. Yaya Gemma prepared everything early morning and the three of them papa,riZAH, NORman woke up late already. What else to do hurry!!.. hurry up!!.. right? Hubby went to the garage just beside our house yelling "faster or else I will leave you both here, I will go to the rice field!!" (rice field was 20 kilometers distance from the house). Then he got started to insert the key and ignite---BOM! KRAK! little shaky wall felt by the five people inside the house . They run out to find what happened, they found my husband shocked sitting and holding his head.Then the garage wall on its 15 degrees slanting behind the original wall position.It was a lucky day they said because Norman usually cleaning the windshield before hopping in the car and that was the exact time happened.

Did you get the lessons here? DON'T FORGET OR ELSE IT IS A BIG REGRETS!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Are you the deciding power of your kids education like what school to go,what courses they need to study,etc.? I've finished college which is my eldest sisters choice. The whole family agreed because at that time when I went to college my sister was already in the last year in one university. So ...we believed that she knew everything in term of education that she acquired in the university which is against my will. I need to followed them without any complains or else not to go college of my choice.No regrets of taking that course they've choose for me and I proved to all that even anybody could choose and if you take it in serious study you will go through for it.

Now that I am a mother of these young teenagers far from them I want them to followed all instructions giving to them . All experiences I have, I don't want them to suffer it like us as parents again .

Stages of parenting in many situations that makes sometimes a heartaches to my husband and to me. Parents always knows the best for their kids especially if they are in their teenage life.To protects them in all aspects of being teenagers and to give them appropriate needs that they are demanding every time .

But it comes to the point that I can't decide what is good for them . Instead , they are the one who decide for themselves even if it is against in my imagination as a mother.I can't believed and how I imagine that my eldest daughter want to be among service woman in uniform. She is kind of timid and shy since young girl until this time. I thought it was just because of her high school classmates convinced her but I discovered that none of her batch mates went to any military schools.How could she survive the military training that she cannot even kill the dying earthworm in our garden pots.I don't want that someday coming to my door crying of backing out from it. I hate coward person especially in terms of challenging life we're facing everyday.

Wheewww...I'm pounding my head now what is the good and right convincing words not to pursue of what she wants .I don't want to disappoint her either, but I can't and almost not control myself in yesterdays online chat.

Hey..I'm not against or hate anybody in uniforms out here.What I want to emphasize here is the capability of my daughter of not or should not be being there.Look, me and hubby grown up as a hard worker and living , finished in school as a working student. Let us compare to my kids now that they are going to school without any hindrances or obstacles of what we had before.After my high school I enrolled to a police academy but I was back out after a year then going to the university.Hubby went to Philippine Constabulary (PC) training then after three months in the main camp they dispatched to island city where we are grown up. From there he went AWOL to my surprise knocking the door to visit me that time.So ..we know already if our eldest will go there and we imagine what will happen. It's a hurt aches to think of what if she will insist to be there.

Friends and readers of this blog - PLEASE HELP ME-or please leave a few words of suggestion regarding this matter.Your comments will be deeply appreciated and makes me relieved of all this thoughts in my mind now. I'm so worried !


Monday, July 20, 2009


Yanyan's capping day has just finished few minutes ago held at Sto. Domingo church in Quezon Avenue, Quezon city , Philippines. Just received text messages from hubby who attended the program.Guys ...what else I can do that I'm here far away from them and just pounding my head of so many excitements during that certain activities in schools.Please don't let me be mis-understood here saying I'm on teary eyed again. It is once in a life time for all of us being students but I did not witnessed this days happenings.What I had now in my mind? - did she dressed up properly? did she had proper make up and hairdo?who fixed her? I was so busy last few weeks in my job here that I never asked those things during our online chat.My husband is not so fashionable person to do those things. He even don't like us woman's wearing make ups in some ordinary places or occasions. I just wearing make ups during children's events in school , sometimes if I was the Godmother to any weddings I'm attended with.Not being he got jealous it is because he cannot recognised a person in her reality if wearing make ups. It changes the real you he told me.

Pictures!pictures!......I don't know yet. Yanyan told me that the school have their own studios to take care everything all over the program. So body allowed taking pictures while the program is going on or inside the where they are . They have one digital cannon I left there and one as what we called here "DC" model (disilip) that needs to used negative films.So....lets wait the next news about it.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

*part one*

Charcoal making is one way on how peoples in mountainous areas of the Philippines survive and live with.These are the peoples living in poverty striving for any kind of works to earn money to use for their daily needs. Not belongs to any ethnic groups in Mindoro islands that mostly the charcoal making was just for Mangyan's only way back 5 decades ago. After planting rice in low land areas they went to the forest to gathered fire woods for making charcoal. Not all trees or woods can be process to a charcoal because some are easily burnt and becomes ashes in short period of time. These kinds woods are also rejected as a good lumber and not useful to any wood working process.

They are our trusted people living with us for more than 20 years and serving my parents until now .I bought a piece of land in 30 kilometers distance from the town with full of trees that are not useful and grassy "cogonal" zone. I told them to clean up all trees that are not necessary then they can make charcoal in preparations for mango, other fruits and coconut planting as soon as I can have budget for it.So they gathered fire woods from tip of the mountains down to a nearby river.Water are needed in making charcoal to control fire during each process. They used to watched it at all times until it becomes charcoal. One missed looked could turn to ashes that all their hard work also turns to nothing.

Steps by steps of this charcoal making will publish here as soon as I can have vacation. I will record some videos for it how is the whole thing about charcoal.This is just one picture that hubby sent me during his visit on the area.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

NORman's weekend activities

Visiting my father's grave during week days if without classes in school is my children's weekend assignment I gave them .If there is no activities in school they need to visit my mother and to my mother in law at desame time. They are both on one vicinity or "baranggay" or village.Early Saturday morning as before sun rise they need to go the nearby beach or seashore to swim at least 30 minutes continuously. I did that ever since they are little kids.Then go to the cemetery to clean and light candles to my father's grave. Why is it compulsary especially to NORman and riZAH to remember my father?. They born in my parents house where we stayed that time when my husband was working abroad. So my parents help me every needs of my kids.Begins to eat and walk are the most memorable moments that no one can change how my parents assist them saying that it was just for my kids only and not to any grandchildren.My father used to put NORman on his shoulder while making rounds to rice fields and they joined riding on buffalo's from place to place around my father's property.But now it was sad that this time my son supposedly repay him of what he did but my father has gone.

I erased the image above so others may not misinterpret this blog. It was Norman embracing my father's grave. Pictures taken two weeks ago then they send it to me. I cannot hold my emotions and for how many days writing this story until I decide not to put it here.

Parenting in far distance places with an absence of motherly touch relationships to the children was so hard.Sometimes it is better not to talk to them or even not seeing their pictures and it helps once in a while. I'm becoming more emotional as the days goes by but I need to be strong for their good future.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last week I received a hand carry package thru our neighbor that went vacation to her family in the Philippines.Hubby sent me my favorite "burliss" dried fish and films for their latest pictures.The digital cannon camera lens was broken so they are using now the oldest camera we had that need with this negative films .

Below are the favorite meals of my three young teenagers and hubby too.Everything that cooked with coconut milk are their good time meals. Served with plain rice on lunch even repeated on dinner time. is how I cooked it with vegetables and coconut milk.I put 1 big white onion, ginger, "batata"(sweet potato), papaya(grated yellowish), khatsil(eggplant), and garlic.I boiled half cooked all vegetables in coconut milk then put on top the burliss or any dried fish so that the fish will not turned into pieces.Sprinkled with salt and black pepper then served hot.

"burliss" is a fish pellet but we made it dry thru sunlight with a lot of salt to stay longer time to preserved. Wash with running water on your faucets before cooking.


Friday, July 3, 2009


Received another award from ~~~~iTRAVEL~~~~ ****THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN MY DEAREST FRIEND!!!!

Now I'm passing this award to the following...***Mouth's Delight ,***My Life's Events and Anecdotes
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