Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NORman idolized this guy?

My kids had always fun time viewing comedy show especially if I'm home because I hate dramas.We enjoyed viewing Mr.bean's show always.I never knew that Norman was doing what he has seen on tv and he even acted like this in school or any place where they are except my presence and the two girls are the audience laughter.When I asked they stop and said nothing.It is only now I found this video that those gestures are from here. So funny that even now if he is driving his doing it also.My son has this attitude of something like he is practising to have shows even if his lying on his bed and not yet asleep. One time I saw him without his knowledge I'm behind the door looking for him. I thought there's something wrong with him but my husband told me that he is always like that.Most videos of Mr. Bean I viewed are good but some are not for young teenagers. In western countries maybe they allowed thier teenagers but for my 3kids I don't want them to see things that is more than what they had. I mean teenagers are most curious of all things they have seen. So for me not seeing those things are the best way to avoid them to think or get away things that they might do.So I always reminding my husband to monitor them even in school that we are lucky the guard chief is my former classmate and a high school friend,  so the record shows thier in and out time in school vicinity.