Saturday, June 6, 2009


Around three o'clock (Israel time)  this morning I woke up by the text ringtone on my cellularphone . It was NORman and riZAH got online. First thing I asked was my mother, she went to Manila for her regular check up that she became weak and weaker  since my father was passed away.Everything  and everybody was fine they said.

Rizah and Norman had been  gone from the parlor for thier haircut in preparations on Monday's first day of school. They are already both in third year high school.As we all know that the opening classes in the Philippines was during the month of June.Aside from that Yanyan bought all school supplies of her sister and brother that they need this coming school year opening .It was last Sunday they went shopping in the town.Then she prepared to go to Manila - that was Tuesday night.Yesterday,  Yanyan  got online also to let me know of thier orientation held last two days for her third year in college. It was the schedule of capping, school fees, she will be on hospital duties soon as required by the choosen course, etc. Since I'm  far with them I cannot assist  them personaly what they need, I'm just talking and talking them what to do. As the two youngs said thier uniforms, shoes and bags are all cleaned and ready to go back to school..

Lucky enough that yaya Gemma went back home last Tuesday from Aklan to where her husband wanted to live them together. But she went back with her son , the one that I said before , the boy with the heart failure since birth or as per the doctor said - a blue baby.They agreed before that I can adopt thier son but now the father was cliaming that it was just a joke.Okey...even I spent a lot for his treatment at least I help him to become now a healthy 4 years old boy. Since yaya Gemma got married she used to come - on and off - to be with us again. This is the one thing I cannot say NO because she has a big role in my family for she spent life with us since birth of Yanyan and it was already 18 years past. We have also one young girl , niece of Gemma that want to go to school but the parents cannot afford  to send her even there is public school in thier area. So...they asked me if I can adopt again thier daughter . Okey...we are just half kilometer distance from a public school and she is now in first year high school. You see what a blessings I have this school year 2009? I'm happy of being healthy and strong to face all of these challenges in my life.