Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thanks to qbees on youtube for this video
Two purpose of showing up this video is to learn more and understand the skin desease called vitiligo that Micheal Jackson decided to change his color black to white then most people all over the world asking HOW to cure it.In behalf of my family and clan we're deeply sorry of what happened to the king of of pop.I joined mourning thru email messages of avid fans world wide.

"BEN" is the most memorable recorded song to me and I used to call my husband when he was just started to court me at my young age of 15.My husband, seven months older than MJ has this kinky curly hair like the original looks of jackson 5 groups. It also served as our password that my strict father did not noticed us having mutual friendship feelings." I'll be There" and most of the hit songs of MJ that makes us connected in everyday's life relationships without meeting each other.It is the main reason to developed and make us one in a catholic church wedding ceremony in Antipolo city, Philippines. This is one miraculous cathedral church that we beleived so we choose to tied up our knot here.The whole receptions was played all hit songs of MJ that we used most of each song lyrics as our messages thru writting letters during our thirteen years of relationships.

Secondly to let you know that my youngest daughter riZAH has vitiligo on her right knee.It was seen before when her first year classes ends and they went to one resort to spend time with faculty members and classmates.While riZAH was inside the pool one teacher noticed that white reflection on her knee if she was facing to the sun. So they ask my daughter. Since then she don't like to wear above the knee clothings.She has now in feeling of an inferiority by covering it everywhere she goes. We consult one dermatologist in Manila and bringing home three kinds of cream to apply everyday on affected knee in different usage. One should apply before sunrise then expose it for at least 15-30 minutes. For growing kids like my daughter at her age of eleven is very hard waking her up early morning.Then during the day time there is another cream to apply to avoid sunlight and night time cream before going to bed. This cream was only avaible to thier clinic and none to any pharmacy around.It brings back color of the skin but if it stops applying cream in just one day it spread rapidly.


Cacai M. July 1, 2009 at 5:37 PM  

This is a very interesting information Tita Vhing. I guess he has it because I couldn't believe that he let his color turn-out his color in a natural way.. NOw I know.. Thanks for the info Tita. hugs!