Friday, May 15, 2009

what is your own definition of RESPECT

No exact definition of word RESPECT , it applies thru emotions but not fear as what most people openly misunderstood. To honor and ESTEEM has the roles to  respect a person.  One with honor has the ability to admit when they are wrong and esteem is when someone is placed in high regard or a feeling of high pride.

According to Thesaurus:
Respect - is a behavior intended to please your parents
for example of these meaning are the following:
*****"their children were never very strong on obedience"
*****"she went to $&@ school out of respect for his mother's wishes"

We never heard of my eldest daughter of what she wants to be in the future . As a mother with a long and winding road of  experienced and grown up in poverty I must say I know what is right for her.She even complained to my husband during her first semester then hubby relayed it to me. A lot of suggestions, examples and motivations I did during her two years in college but last month she told me and appreciated of what I'm doing to push her in taking up that course and now she's enjoying.I'm just hoping and praying that she will finish it for her own good.

some said :
Respect is a duty of a child to its parents

****in this part "I DISAGREE" why? not all duties of a child to follow thy parents .I mean not all parents intensions are for the good of thier children , there are some parents using  thier children as a fronts .   So it is very hard to a child to follow and its confuses them, if they did it by force children will become rebelous behind the back of their parents.As a parent it is a matter  of understanding and observations of how to command their child to build a good relationship until the end process that they(children) themselves freely accept everything what their parents did.So...duty is need to observed without hatred by this time and more meaningful to a happy ending.

 or it is also a relation or reference to a particular thing or situation

particular things like the way you approach or a kind of gesture to  peoples are always the tools  if they will respect you or not, so ... it is always said"it depends upon the situation". But if you will be in the crazy world of nonsense if you heard these words" If you want me to respect you , first you must respect yourself". It means this is already a disrespectful  to any one and the upbringing of the child maybe in low level of family values.Childrens that are hanging out all the time are influenced by thier friends or sometimes we said by the invironment.For me those who do not want my respect or vice versa I'm avoiding them. We cannot please everyone but only few of them.So leave it to them that way of what they wanted to be.