Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday's motherly greetings was flooded in bloggers world and on cellular phones to a far distance mother friends.Both I recieved are emotionals-why?- those friends that are no communications in long period of times send and remembered me.I have most and surprising messages that until now it is on my mind thinking that my daughter was finished her adolescents path of  life. She is matured enough to what she send to me ,unbelievable!.

Last year when I went home to attend my father's funeral, one of my cousin's during mourning whispher me that it is impossible that my eldest daughter don't have boyfriend.He even heard in cousin's groups(grandchildrens of my father)saying"Oh YANyan where is your bf? today is like knowing each other".I never heard that but when we already at home I asked my daughter if it is true or not. But deny to death from her mouth.Since then that I went back to work in Israel I never forget every weekend to get online and have a short message on her. Still she remains silent and I always giving her some inspirational stories like one "if you have good scholastic records ,you can land the best jobs and you choose what companies you want". At the last messages I'm sending something like this "if you have a good job you can have the good boyfriend too-choices will be in you".Then " I want blue eyes grand childrens" this words that my hubby hates me, hahahaha.

After motherly greetings she send me yesterday, there was words of "thank you MA for everything and don't worry I don't have BF anymore,we parted our ways.We didn't meet and talk after our high school graduation.Everything was just on the txt messages and on friendster. So ..I'm still intact to focus on my studies,hugs&kisses".I was on the public vehicle bound to city of Natanya to where the nearest city I'm working on that momment reading her messages.I can't control my emotions and I cried loudly, so.... some passengers asked the driver to stopped for a while and to look what's going on inside why his passengers are noisy. In few minutes I told them sorry because today is "mother's day" that I never felt they are celebrating this day either .


Dhemz May 11, 2009 at 12:31 AM  

hahhaha....I don't know what to say...naiiyak ba ako or natatawa...hehehe...sowe po tVhing....:)

Nako you are one of the luckiest mom in the world...kasi you have a wonderful kid like yanyan...I know it must be hard for her coz she's the eldest..all expectations are relying on know...unlike other teens...maaga nabuntis atd nakatapos ng pag-aaral....ang nakakatawa na part is...pinahinto ba naman ang proud of you are a wonderful super mom...happy Mother's day ulit...woi color eyed man jud diay iya gusto na apo...hehehe....:) good luck!

Cecile May 11, 2009 at 3:09 PM  

you are such a good mother to your kids, tvhing that is why they listen to you :-).

kakatuwa naman yung driver, hinto pa niya sasakayan para sa yo:-)

Hi! I'm Grace May 12, 2009 at 8:31 PM  

You made me cry, too, Sis Vhing... :(
Pero masaya... :)