Wednesday, April 22, 2009

riZAH's email (21april2009)

This is the picture when my youngest daughter graduated elementary school.She achieved the third honor of all graduates, tied with her best friend Gyula.She was the youngest but the biggest among her classmates.She did not catched me online for few days as you know I'm busy in my work.So she send me email that just this morning I read it.Below is her story, funny how she made this long and scramble story.In my imagination she's not breathing anymore on writting this.And I'm sure the IZEA will not approve due to wrong grammar but all readers understand the contents of this story I'm sure of it..hehehe.Since I'm here my kids daily routine are school and go home that's no more.So going sometime outdoors are amazing for them.(Mangyan baga hehehe)

Last week we went to the beach together with our neighboor..... when get there i saw fishermen using ''lambat'' or nets in old fashioned ways and the other one is kind of unique,he was using small boats in the length of one and a half was pretty effective, in every turn he makes,he catches one fish but you really need patience,you have to earn more time..... i saw it interesting but i never tried to do it.... that was the time i thought of it as an interesting job.... some of them are using hands for catching big fishes and sell or put them in the fish ponds... My tita has a house near the fish ponds so my brother and i follow our tito rudy when his going to the pond,he feeds the baby fishes that they caught,I also tried feeding them and now those babies are full grown fishes so every time when we have extra time we spend our weekends at their house but right now my father is quite busy working in the farm... i remember when i was just a little girl, we used to swim there with my cousins.... my sister used to teach me how to swim but til now, i dont know how to swim...... Anyway....before, that beach im talking about is not very popular in our town,it has no cottages like other beaches have .....Well,my tito cleaned it up then put some little tables made of woods where people can take a rest when their tired..... after some time getting cleaned.... it turned out pretty cool... after that people are starting to come there more..... well for the fishermen,its still open for them to catch fishes..... and i really really think its awesome...... eventhough its not too beautiful like well-knowed beaches, its fun and great....

**boat lenght : 1 1/2 meters not in feet size
**tita - flor :my eldest sister
**tito - rudy :my brod in law


Dhemz April 22, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

she's very pretty lady and smart tVhing....actually she's darn good on her age to speak english did she learn that? very smart man gid imo mga products te Woi...hahaa...kakatuwa yung email nya sayo...pag bloggin mo te woi..madami akong na encounter na mga teens like her age....that is good for her to express her knowledge...and learn as well!