Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NAMES ARE NAMES! - part one

Where did we got names for our children?Most of you are preparing it during pregnancy,right?.Us was different-we never talked nor prepared about it ,here is the story on my YANORZA.

YAN-yan is the eldest that came from the chocolate stick in the supermarket.I used to worked  at the Robinson's Inc.,supermarket divisions in Boni Ave,Mandaluyong.I got a sensitive pregnacy for my first baby girl but I'm still trying to move or work and walk.My duty was always stationed on imported items for not so busy lanes for all cashier's.In front of me was a stock files of thousands of chocolate sticks from Japan that time.

Marianne was the real name that came from the name of the consultant of DR of QCGH last 1991.(delivery room-DR,Quezon City General Hospital-QCGH) .Mrs Vicky Carreon was the staff nurse supervisor and one reason why I was there.Unluckily she was on her vacation leave that time I delivered my eldest daughter that was after the Mt.Pinatubo eruptions then continous flooding of ash to the whole country and to the nearby lands .She was a distance relatives but same family name that closedly in touched to all of us.It was horrifying momments that we almost  lost our lives  both of us mother and daughter without knowing even my husband outside the door waiting. They don't let him "IN" because it is not time for visitors. My GOD! I'm deadly serious!.Before I rushed to the hospital all my nails are already blackend but I dont want to go.Some mothers having normal deliveries they told me "until you can carry the pain ,it is not the exact time to dilevers, so I did not go to the hospital ealier than that.I can still easily accepts the pains...hehehehe.My baby was oversized they said and I have a belly size of triplets that time. Since then I was deformed and not having back my sexy figure.SIGH.My baby first went  home because I was still in recovery room for unconsiousness status.After four days I recovered not totally good but I wanted to go home for my baby's side.Mrs Carreon did everything ( iba na talaga ang malakas) to checked me out for her first hour of duty from her vacation.Blames in some co-workers but it was already done.(pinas talaga..oo).


Dhemz April 16, 2009 at 12:19 AM  

hahhaha....kakatuwa..nakuha ba naman yung nick name sa chocolate stick..meron pa kaya tinda ngayon...hehehe..nice to know....:)

wow nice name in TVhing...nako naman..very horrifying story nga...glad you both are safe....halaka ano!

yan nga sabi nila...pag manganak ka daw yung life mo at life nang baby is 50/50....mahirap kaya pag manganak...iri ka ng iri....hehehhe!

woi nako naman te...iba talaga ang pinas ano...buti dka nabinat!

Look at her now..dalagang dalaga na ano? the future may apo ka na....hehehe...woi sexy figure...nako wala narin ako nyan...need to lose weight...tumaba na ako...kakaloka!

thanks for sharing TVhing...aabangan ko ang NORZAH...hehehe!