Monday, April 13, 2009

NOR-ZAH (Today's chat)

Today's conversations with my two kids was made me head ache.Sometimes I cannot control my emotions of not sweety pampy style talks with them.They are old enough to learned everything especially for themselves. My kids grown up without me since they are in grade one-Norman and Leezah.Ages 14 and 13 consecutively are like in thier adolescents period of becoming lazy,eating too much and spend time more on  bed sleeping.

All these things that I never experienced during my early years.My father have time tables according to our ages what to do in that certain hours.I grown up with hatred but learned when I become a mother of three and I owed everything from my  father's strict rules around and outside the house.

My kids grown up with the attitudes acquired from my husband of having like "one is enough,two is too much" .Gush!!!why he draw three kids,right? So if he ask the kids to do but they don't like it- he did everything without any words that I hated most.Without me there is very complicated by now to say or instruct things that I want to be like. As if they don't mind me saying in other line of the phone(voice calls).I felt hurt but I have nothing to do.

Last week schedule on getting online was without rizah- they told me she's still sleeping.My goodness it was already nearly lunch time(phils time) when they got online.Another thing that my youngest daughter attitudes was - breakfast was all set in the table prepared by her brother or sometimes with her father.I felt I'm breaking my head to hear that kind of  lazy young lady of mind. My husband don't want to tell story and nonsense as he said always.I'm afraid as by now to think of what and how when they are alone in far places like me here abroad. 


Cacai M. April 14, 2009 at 5:18 AM  

Helllo Te Vhing, maybe they will be changed Te Vhing when they're at the older or mature age.. Maybe they're also a great achiever in other things they did Te Vhing or in school, that will be good if ever.. I hope so.. regards me to them Te Vhing.. muahhhh!

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks April 14, 2009 at 7:26 AM  

Im here ate Vhing..dropping by... Kids nowsdays are really like that..since our world is already modernized, the attitudes of the new generation also modenized...they grow up lazy and disobedient..hopefully when they get to the maturity age they will minimize that habits and attitudes na

Dhemz April 14, 2009 at 2:22 PM  

Oh ic how you get the "Yanorzah" very impressive...galing mo teVhing...samin mother calls us "MARDEMARK" MARlou, DEmcy, and MARK jun....oh diba...hehhehe! yan din ang name ng business nila sa pinas...:)

Anyhow, back to the is very hard for both parties teVhing...ikaw nasa malayo..tapos sila they miss the mother figure in the sure in time they will realize that everything you did is for their good sure it gives you headache kasi wala kang magawa...hehehe!

Pano kung nasa pinas ka te..ano pala gagawin mo sa kanila? hehehhe...kung ako siguro..mahilig akong mag pingot...pag matigas ulo...tapos I yell....hehehe! siguro malambot ang hubby mo te kaya d sila natatakot sa kanya....hehehe!

Bat naman pala late na gumising yung youngest mo...siguro late na din matulog...hehhehe...wala naman pasok eh...:)

Tama si Cacai teVhing...I know for sure na your kids are nowadays are way different back know the generation ngayon iba na....Chie has a point as well...when they get to maturity am sure they will minimize the unacceptable habit....:)

wala ka naba na high blood dha? hehehe....just making sure....thanks for sharing te...mahirap talaga maging parent ano...:)