Saturday, April 18, 2009

PARENTING - part one

Today's high technology was very easy to all parents to help thier children even they are far away like me.I had a great day talked with my eldest daugther then I help her to research all her assigments.Summer classes in the Phils is now going on to let students less unit for thier regular semester subject.Some words that are not clear on voice call we write it. So here are some messages we exchanged...

yan: hi ma
vhingF: teka
yan: okay
vhingF: webcam
yan: ma henge aku pambli cp
yan: protecaterol Hcl,
yan: clenbuterol
yan: domperidone
yan: classification of medicine
yan: indications
yan: contraindications
yan: sideeffect
yan: adverse effect
yan: nursing responsibilties:give client education ,, 
vhingF: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 
Side Effects  
 Before you start taking clenbuterol.... You will need to know what to expect while taking Clenbuterol and the side effects that you may experience. It is worth noting at this point that some side effects of taking clenbuterol are simply due to the clenbuterol working. Because clenbuterol is so good at what it does, you will likely experience some of the following side effects:
Muscle Cramps 
Increased Blood Pressure 
Increased Energy 
Slight Shaking 
All of the side effects listed above are due to the tablets doing their job and it is completely normal to experience these side effects. If you find that the side effects are too much then drop your daily dosage by 20 mcg. For more dosage information please visit: Clenbuterol Dosage Informat
vhingF: Clenbuterol Dosage Guide: 
Woman: 40 - 80 mcg per day
Men: 60 - 160 mcg per day 

yan: ma out n ku
yan: nhanap ku n ung iba

vhingF: tapos na ba
vhingF: okey mag aral ng mabuti
yan: opo cge
vhingF: :-h

After she signed out - my email box BUZZ and you know what the message? It was from one of  the game site.Here is the upper part of the message:

Score to Beat: 620
Play 3 simple games and get your IQ Score

It also happened before that I questioned her that I saw them playing in the middle of the night (PI time) that she's playing in same time with my nephews and nieces.I called them all at the middle of the night to thier surprise because they all sleeping and they dont have computer in the house or in the boarding house.They are in different locations , even thier landladies I tried to talked.Everything was just a disturbances to both of us and results to nothing.


Dhemz April 18, 2009 at 7:07 PM  

hahhaha...kakatuwa naman ito...hehehhe...thanks for sharing....:)

First, I would like to say..proud ako sayo teVhing...kahit nasa malayo ka sinubaybayan mo pa rin mga kids mo...I mean you always look out for them to make sure they are doing good in any situation...bravo!

What makes me feel surprise is when Yan-yan is playing computer games..maybe when your chatting with her...hahhaa...kakatuwa naman mga bata ngayon least she's doing good on her school teVhing...oks lang siguro to play once in awhile...hehehe...grabi ka kasi 24 hrs yung monitoring services mo....hehhehe...joke!

thanks for sharing...magirap talaga maging magulang...:)sakit ulo minsan...hehehhe

Hi! I'm Grace April 19, 2009 at 6:16 PM  

Hi Vhing, this is my first time here in your 3rd blog. I'm impressed. So this is what Yanorzah's Journey all about? :)