Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today's young generation are very smart kids.They know everything that the parents need to  say to them or what to say for thier own good. They are answering smartly and sometimes I felt there's no respect at all. When we are young we just silent and paying attention to what our parents said.Yes are the only answers to all of what they told us and there's no reasoning at all.If my father told me  that I need to do it , I must do it by all means just to follow them.Now my kids are the reverse of all things when I was young.

Teenagers motivation has different stages or it defends upon the attitudes of every kids. There is one which is timid  , others are very smart and silent loner children. Different approach to motivate them is a very hard task to a mother like me in far places. I said everything that is good for them but I really not sure if they are doing it because I'm not with them at all times.So to think of those situations was too heavy on my head. With all my prayers and  by this time my kids is still doing great. I just thankful that my kids are not like some others that they usually  making twisted stories in front of thier parents but behind it they are not desame. 

My son was a gifted child with  a talent  of drawing  things around him.He graduated elementary with the award of what they  called as cartoonist of the year. He obtained the fifth place during the Mindoro Islands kids journalism contest in Calapan City two years ago. It happened that only the teachers guided them without each parents to go with them and my son suffer trauma after that events and got sick . Since then he don't want to go anymore or join any contest .He told me that he was afraid and that might happend again. It was his first time to go far from home.He used to complain the food, the bed where they sleep etc..etc. It is very hard to motivate a child from a traumatic momments he had.Each time I told him to practice or draw something or join school activities like this he almost cry of hearing it. He never join any contest since then. But now I'm talking to him that because he has that gift from God he needs to broaden it to be a successful someday. This morning I told him that here in abroad even the children are not gifted they are good in doing things thru special trainings.Parent are sending them to specialist to teach and form a habbit of what they are doing. But my son no one of us told him to do it . School teachers discovered it and motivate him but in a short period of time. He show today what he did last night. He draw my picture in frame hanging on his room . Maybe in few days they will send email of all his sketches he did  last few days ago.

Motivating him is always following of  telling him I'll sending you this and that things he needs.Or what he wants to asks. Too expensive but need to agree on him and there's no choice. So my motivations to my 3kids are worth a lot, I mean to spend things  they want and to inspire them what to do.Example stories is not enough for them its always showing them the truth because they are curious of all things they saw around. So ...for me MOTIVATIONS means SPENDING a lot of money.