Monday, August 31, 2009

Think Positive

Always think positive are the three words that I usually told to my three young teenagers every time we got online and talked.An additional inspiring stories of a well known personalities world wide that I'm giving them as an examples based on some quotations that they need to know.

Rizah is just thirteen years old but she has so many things that differ from children's of same ages. She is the tallest among her classmates that sometimes she felt insulted in school. Paranormal words are always heard from her classmates.These are the things I worried that I saw her on webcam as if her inferiority complex had grown more.Additional thoughts she had was having a white patches , a dying skin pigments called vitiligo on her legs and on the upper portion or above the knees.We did some medical therapies like applying steroid creams , it helps but not totally returned to natural color of the skin.

In genetics it was hereditary but I asked the history of our both families , me and my husband , no one remembered that one relatives has this skin disease.As we all know that until now this kind of skin disease was still unknown to which experts and researchers cannot give any functions what will be the medicine to cure and to where its origin came from.There is one speculations that maybe the sufferer was luck of vitamin B12 or she has an anemia related illnesses.There is advises to avoid on exposing to sunlight or should apply or use sunscreen cream if they are outdoors.At the end of long research I came across to an end of just using cosmetics to cover the patches.

In psychological studies it affects the mental health of a person suffering vitiligo. As a mother I am so worried to my daughter because she is very conscious that might someone knew she has this skin disorder. She always asking me to buy medicines here abroad to cure her vitiligo. I'm saying always think positive but in time like this I myself losing the momentum to think positive that lead to my feelings of home sicknesses.


dhemz September 4, 2009 at 2:21 PM  

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