Monday, August 17, 2009

School Activities

Yanyan updates me of her activities on hospital training in Bulacan area.She is complaining of the head nurse assigned to them that they are left alone and not assisting them to the way it should be. So...I comforted her saying that much better to do things on her own way to learn and discover things of what she is doing during daily routine of duty in hospital.As of today the groups of nursing students are back in Manila to make their reports and back to school for their regular classes.A little bit hard for Yanyan that most her vacant hours is to stay on the Internet shop doing research work .Sometimes she went to a laundry nearby for her uniforms to wash and ironing it.I felt guilty of not helping or doing things for her during the busy days in school.

Rizah will have a science fair contest this coming week. Hope she could make it because her batch status went down to 23 rank , I think . Sad but I can't help her and hubby has too many things to do and always not feeling well due to his unconditional illness. Wheeww.,.. I'm hoping and praying to our Almighty God that I can be more stronger for all the challenges given to me.

Norman has usual routine playing basketball, play station maniacs and gamers every time without classes in school.So ...this all the latest from our home and for my three young teenagers life without me with them every day of their lives.


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks August 18, 2009 at 5:11 AM  

Wow..they are all busy pala te.. It is sad nga na you can't extend your hands to help them personally with school stuffs but at least you are there for them communicating, supporting and comforting them through the internet. it is enough to be called a big help from their loving mom