Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TOP 10 EC DROPPERS(Aug. '09)

I would like to thanks all ec droppers for the month of August 2009 and here are the lists of top 10 ec droppers.Apologies is always the word of late posting but I want to let you know that due to some weights and work loads here in my work I almost can't blog for such previous week.It was a heavy and heavy days for my old woman to move from her home to another house because the family did renovations of shower and comfort room which is the right thing for the good of their elderly and at same time for the worker.

Happy weekend every one.

Mom's Place 28
Go For Success Blogging Community 27
Bits and Pieces 27
Vegetable Garden 26
Animal Kingdom 24
RJV World 23
Positive men 23
Metallman's Reverie 21
Parent Times 21
Cacai's Steps and Journey 21