Friday, September 25, 2009

mangyan's farm on facebook

Due to some stress and homesickness, I made this on facebook  farm town in just less than a week while I'm doing all my daily task here on my work . I registered my account there long ago but I'm not hanging on there all the time . I thought of these last week that I'm wondering as if  my mind was stuck  that I can not write any stories here on all my blogs. I write a lot of my daily life but just ended to draft on my dashboard. I don't understand what it was all about I'm writing for all my blog stories.So ..I started looking for a mind games but still did not work out until I tried to open .

It was fun and I relieved as of now . There are a lots of geeks and crazy encounters true messages to some members. Like, I recieved a message from long time friend on friendster that I need to pass it on to some members. Surprisingly there are replies for appreciation but there was one thorn as it said " go away, trouble maker". Oh! my goodness! I thought I could help that might be true so that each members must be aware of it.

Another thing was in the market place  looking for work. That was the funniest I did lately. First was there is no shouts I've ever  read in any of my languages but lately there is few , they are hiding I'm sure. And today  there was a lots answering me , hahaha , there was one said that my name was so obvious to be a Filipino. So what I answered , I"ll be shouting to the whole world that I am and originally from the home of one ethnic groups in Mindoro island in The Republic of the Philippines.I'm proud of my color and my flat nose face, hehehe. Thanks be to GOD I'm popular of it.

So just click the image to redirect to the "mangyan's farm  on facebook ".To some readers of this blog that did know yet (to those have an account in facebook ) of the message I'm talking,  please leave comments so that I can answer you there. Who knows..... or maybe that might be true that they will delete all non active members.


Lulu September 25, 2009 at 3:34 PM  

naku adik din ako nyan te vhing.. in less than 3 weeks naabot ko level 34

dhemz October 2, 2009 at 11:19 PM ateVhing...nakikifarming na din....ikaw ang sunod na magparehab....hehehe...nagparehab na ako te....d na ako nag farming...kaka adik man jud....wala na akong time....busy kasi sa skul...

hope maau kana diha te.....thanks sa least I know oks kalang diha.....whatever problem you have right sure God is watching over you...ingat po miss kita....mwah!