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ORIENTAL MINDORO,PHILIPPINES is also called as "Paradise Island". It is divided into two districts that consists of eight(8) towns in the first district and seven (7) towns in second district including my hometown where I was grown up and living. Within this 15 towns and their respective barangays your in paradise visiting our island. Here are the beauties of nature you can achieve in coming to this island paradise:

1. The PUERTO GALERA has white sands and beaches for scuba diving and snorkeling spots. This was listed to the "club of most beautiful bays of the world" . Added to this tourist spot was the Sabang Beach which is the most widely known of having a wide areas covered with white sands in the whole island of Oriental Mindoro.We have also in Mansalay which called "buktot" but it was just had a partial of white sands.
2. The MT. HALCON is called as "high above the clouds" (lagpas-ulap) of most Philippine mountaineers and other mountain visitors.Generally speaking of its one of a kind as the hardest and most difficult peak ever the mountaineers climb. It is on the fourth rank of highest mountains in the Philippine record. Measured of about 2,586 meters above sea levels.

3. The NAUJAN LAKE is the 5th Philippine largest lake, it has an estimated area of 8,125 hectares with the natural fresh water stored from rains and natural reservoirs.Maximum depth was 45 meters, maximum length is fourteen(14) kilometers and it has maximum width of seven(7) kilometers. Locating the map of its boundaries of this lake was so different from other lakes locations of the world. Four towns should ends its partitions but since the lake was on each ends they divided the lakes water areas to owned by four towns . On the north was owned by the town of Naujan's and its property, Victoria owned the western parts, Southern portions was for Socorro and the eastern portion was the property of Pola.
4. The MANGYANS are the indigenous citizen living in most mountains of Oriental Mindoro. In all towns you've seen on the map has this native people from different tribes and has different languages too.They have their own way of writings and each alphabets. They used to write on the leaves of the trees and even in the barks.They classifies as a.) Alangan b.)Bangon c.) Tau-Buid d.) Buhid - this is what we had in our hometown but I meet most kinds of this native people e.) Hanunoo f.)Iraya g.) Ratagnon and h.) Tadyawan .

5. In ROXAS you can find the "San Rafael Cave" in nearby boundaries between town of Bongabon. It is 20 minutes ride from town proper to the starting point where to walk up hills in reaching the caves entrance.You are welcome by the battalion of cave bats singing and flying inside the cave.We have also here the seaport (Dangay Port) to which ferry boats come and go for Visayan region trips day and night which is just less than a kilometer ride from the town proper. If you want visit BORACAY by land you can pass through the main highways of Oriental Mindoro (an exciting trips by land ever) then take a ferry boat rides from "Danggay Port" to Katiklan the main land of Boracay .
6. BULALACAO is the last town of Oriental Mindoro that has so many tiny and untouched islets . I heard there are thirteen (13) islets as some residents and fisherman said it. The most popular of these islets is "BUYAYAO" or San Roque as per municipality registration. I don't have camera yet that time I went in one islet, in other words I can not afford to have one even . Hope my next vacation I can go back there just take pictures that I have digi cam now , lol. Buyayao is humored as the richest islet I've heard when I was young girl because the golden boat during the world war 2 was sunk in that islet. Maybe it was true because it was developed during Marcos es and guarded with those stricken armed men that even fisherman has boundaries where to pass the sea water.It was said the boat was loaded of pure bar golds and other antiques of Spanish Authorities during the war. More on the next episode..........


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