Thursday, July 9, 2009

NORman's weekend activities

Visiting my father's grave during week days if without classes in school is my children's weekend assignment I gave them .If there is no activities in school they need to visit my mother and to my mother in law at desame time. They are both on one vicinity or "baranggay" or village.Early Saturday morning as before sun rise they need to go the nearby beach or seashore to swim at least 30 minutes continuously. I did that ever since they are little kids.Then go to the cemetery to clean and light candles to my father's grave. Why is it compulsary especially to NORman and riZAH to remember my father?. They born in my parents house where we stayed that time when my husband was working abroad. So my parents help me every needs of my kids.Begins to eat and walk are the most memorable moments that no one can change how my parents assist them saying that it was just for my kids only and not to any grandchildren.My father used to put NORman on his shoulder while making rounds to rice fields and they joined riding on buffalo's from place to place around my father's property.But now it was sad that this time my son supposedly repay him of what he did but my father has gone.

I erased the image above so others may not misinterpret this blog. It was Norman embracing my father's grave. Pictures taken two weeks ago then they send it to me. I cannot hold my emotions and for how many days writing this story until I decide not to put it here.

Parenting in far distance places with an absence of motherly touch relationships to the children was so hard.Sometimes it is better not to talk to them or even not seeing their pictures and it helps once in a while. I'm becoming more emotional as the days goes by but I need to be strong for their good future.


Cacai M. July 11, 2009 at 1:31 AM  

YOu're such a very loving, caring, and thoughtful mother Tita Vhing. I hope all will be well and I know God is there to lead. One day, you can see them standing their own feet.. and it's worth all the sacrifices you did. God bless! regards...