Thursday, July 23, 2009


Are you the deciding power of your kids education like what school to go,what courses they need to study,etc.? I've finished college which is my eldest sisters choice. The whole family agreed because at that time when I went to college my sister was already in the last year in one university. So ...we believed that she knew everything in term of education that she acquired in the university which is against my will. I need to followed them without any complains or else not to go college of my choice.No regrets of taking that course they've choose for me and I proved to all that even anybody could choose and if you take it in serious study you will go through for it.

Now that I am a mother of these young teenagers far from them I want them to followed all instructions giving to them . All experiences I have, I don't want them to suffer it like us as parents again .

Stages of parenting in many situations that makes sometimes a heartaches to my husband and to me. Parents always knows the best for their kids especially if they are in their teenage life.To protects them in all aspects of being teenagers and to give them appropriate needs that they are demanding every time .

But it comes to the point that I can't decide what is good for them . Instead , they are the one who decide for themselves even if it is against in my imagination as a mother.I can't believed and how I imagine that my eldest daughter want to be among service woman in uniform. She is kind of timid and shy since young girl until this time. I thought it was just because of her high school classmates convinced her but I discovered that none of her batch mates went to any military schools.How could she survive the military training that she cannot even kill the dying earthworm in our garden pots.I don't want that someday coming to my door crying of backing out from it. I hate coward person especially in terms of challenging life we're facing everyday.

Wheewww...I'm pounding my head now what is the good and right convincing words not to pursue of what she wants .I don't want to disappoint her either, but I can't and almost not control myself in yesterdays online chat.

Hey..I'm not against or hate anybody in uniforms out here.What I want to emphasize here is the capability of my daughter of not or should not be being there.Look, me and hubby grown up as a hard worker and living , finished in school as a working student. Let us compare to my kids now that they are going to school without any hindrances or obstacles of what we had before.After my high school I enrolled to a police academy but I was back out after a year then going to the university.Hubby went to Philippine Constabulary (PC) training then after three months in the main camp they dispatched to island city where we are grown up. From there he went AWOL to my surprise knocking the door to visit me that time.So ..we know already if our eldest will go there and we imagine what will happen. It's a hurt aches to think of what if she will insist to be there.

Friends and readers of this blog - PLEASE HELP ME-or please leave a few words of suggestion regarding this matter.Your comments will be deeply appreciated and makes me relieved of all this thoughts in my mind now. I'm so worried !