Monday, July 27, 2009

Are you a good driver??

"I'm driving for almost 30 years up to now, I'm the great driver!". huh!!?? Who said that or maybe you have heard it in your place where you are now? Regardless of long time driving or let us say good driving but how if you forget anything once in a while? Ooppss....don't tell me "NOT!", please be reminded that all of us are all not perfect.Never mind on me I'm working with Alzheimer's that was not knew to us workers and it was a great fun if we are together.

Now let us go to the image. Did you see the front bumper what happened? Just a little or not yet folded.I felt black out when I saw this picture and said OMG!!NO!NO!.then THANKS TO GOD! Norman is not there when that time happened while cleaning the windshield.My husband and the great PAPA of my three young teenagers did it!.Imagine ...I love him because he is a good and great driver! but he forgot the HAND BRAKE to put on after parking their service at the garage.

Here is now the defensive was Sunday a very busy day and full of activities assigned to my husband. They went to my father's grave to clean and pray. Then they went to the beach and in the fish pond , it was 5 kilometers drive from each point. After that plus 15 kilometers drive to my mother place, NORman and riZAH's Sunday or Saturday visit. Next to my mother in law just one kilometer away from my mother's house. And then they went home late night already, a very tiring day for my beloved husband.So...he forgot the hand brake even the tire stopper he didn't put on also.

Next day is Monday and it was schooldays this time. Yaya Gemma prepared everything early morning and the three of them papa,riZAH, NORman woke up late already. What else to do hurry!!.. hurry up!!.. right? Hubby went to the garage just beside our house yelling "faster or else I will leave you both here, I will go to the rice field!!" (rice field was 20 kilometers distance from the house). Then he got started to insert the key and ignite---BOM! KRAK! little shaky wall felt by the five people inside the house . They run out to find what happened, they found my husband shocked sitting and holding his head.Then the garage wall on its 15 degrees slanting behind the original wall position.It was a lucky day they said because Norman usually cleaning the windshield before hopping in the car and that was the exact time happened.

Did you get the lessons here? DON'T FORGET OR ELSE IT IS A BIG REGRETS!


shaine July 27, 2009 at 12:33 PM  

masira na lahat huwag lang na may masaktan o madisgrasya, buti na lang walang nasaktan. So next time extra careful na hubby mo te hehehe

Cacai M. July 29, 2009 at 1:35 AM  

oizzt may mga saging TitaVhing o.. pahingi.. miss ko na ang saging sa atin.. pangit ang saging dito kasi payat.. anyway, halah noh buti na lang at walang nasaktan na tao yong wall lang at sasakyan..

vhingF July 29, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

thanks to you CAI and Shaine...

kakanerbyos nga kahit I am reading lng now e2 nanerbyos ako..

forget-ing na talaga pag old na...